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Should I be worried?

Hi all. Going to post this in the aps forum as well as lupus as it may apply to both.

I was diagnosed with APS about a year ago and lupus more recently. This morning I've woken up and I noticed my left calf was sore. When I got bout of bed and stood up, it feels like I've pulled a muscle in my left calf and I'm limping around the house. I'm concerned Becuase, I haven't done any strenuous activity or anything that would cause me to pull a muscle, unless I did it in my sleep which I'm doubtful of. When I sit down the pain doesn't nessecarily go away, i can feel it aching even when I'm not standing. Just wanted a bit of advice, I don't want to waste the Drs time if it turns out to be nothing so I'm a bit apprehensive to go down to the surgery. Has anyone who has had a blood clot before had similar symptoms?

Thanks, hope everyone is well x

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Hi, I have Lupus SLE & APS (as well as 8 other health conditions). Yes joint pain, arthritis & inflammation are common with Lupus. Do you take Warfarin? How's is you INR levels? If the pain increases or changes form (eg.swelling) over days, get some advice from your GP.

Hope you feel better soon. Keep in touch x


yes had this as well can explain

if you have one bad leg and start to put more pressure on the better leg i you are compensating THIS MAKES THE MUSSLE IN THE COMPENSATED LEG ACHE LIKE HELL AND IT DOSNT TAKE MUCH TO DO THIS IN THE CALF the answer lies with trying to walk slow and think about when you put your foot down heel toe heel toe. if you look at the bottoms of the heal of your shoe you will find out you are walking towards one side more.

or try this wet the feet and walk bare foot the water will leave an imprint look at the imprint and see how much contact your water on feet has left this shows where the pressure is going.


please get checked could be a blood clot and that's important to deal with asap.


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