Carpel tunnel pain

I had my carpel tunnel done in my right hand five weeks ago today. It's fine as long as I don't use it, very painful if I do.

I'm wondering if having Lupus and Fibro etc has an effect on recovery times. I was very pleased up to week four. I thought I was healing beautifully, but now I'm not so sure. The site itself looks great, I couldn't ask for better. But it is sore to the touch, not hot, just sensitive and I have no strength in my wrist. I've put the crepe bandage back on for some support but don't know if I'm doing right or not.

Fed up as its my dominant hand.

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Hi i don't heal very well they do take longer or just don't heal or unheal even!

like where had injection in stomach while back now have a red sore there came up.


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when that happened to me i had to tweet a thyroid dosage by 1/8 and i was also low in d3.....who would have thought.....i also have to keep a eye on my b12....i had lived like that for over a year in great pain and thought it was all that could be done, then a dr said...lets increase your dosage just a little and see if you have any changes and got my d3 up and b12...symptoms vanished

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How are you doing now that some time has passed? My fingers get super sensitive and I developed carpal tunnel quickly and regressed to atrophy in less than six months


Hi, yea it's a lot better now. Still get the odd stinging pain in my palm and wrist but I'm glad I had it done. I don't think I'll have the other one done yet though. Maybe later on.


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