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Joint pain increased. Is this due to weather/sun?

Hi all,

Bear with me, I'm still new to all this!

My joint pain has increased dramatically in the past week-10 days and I'm wondering if it's because we suddenly have sunshine? I've tried to avoid it where possible, but did find myself unexpectedly outside on Saturday afternoon. Today I've woken up with terrible pain in my left ankle (less so in my right ankle), like I've sprained it. My wrists and thumbs hurt badly too. In myself I don't feel too bad - a bit more tired than usual perhaps, but that might just be because it's too hot at night to sleep properly?

I'm only taking Hydroxychloroquine 400mg a day and pain killers. My out-patient appointment with the Rheumetologist ghastly been brought forward from 7th September to 2nd August (after I was told to reduce my hydroxy and ended up feeling really unwell and told her I'd put it back up again).

Thank you in advance x

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Hi Nurseladybird,

It is possible that exposure to the sun could have caused a flare in your joints. Increased joint pain and fatigue are sometimes reported as symptoms after sun exposure. If you want more information and advice about lupus and light sensitivity, please have a read of our blog article here -

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Hi nurse ladybird

My joints can ache more in the heat, definitely a lupus symptom!. Good luck for when you see your Rheumy, it's good it's been brought forward. X


Ditto guru. Me too. Please can we have a little bit of rain soon?


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Hi Footygirl

Seems a shame to want rain but the sun is so tough for us Lupies!. Good luck for pip result, they're behind aren't they?. X


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