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I have discovered that my heart rate is a little fast. I bought a new phone with a health app which I can use to take my pulse rate. I was trying it out and noticed that my heart rate is all over the place so I started doing it manually along side the app and it has proved to be accurate.


I've discovered that my lying down resting heart rate is 75 - 80 bpm, sitting is 85-90 bpm but when I stand (standing still) it goes up to 110-120 bpm and if I stand doing something (like folding clothes etc)or walking or going upstairs it goes up to 140-150 bpm.

To me this sounds a bit high. I have double checked manually against the app and it is consistent. I know this can be a sign of POTS but is it as high as what you would get with POTS? I guess what I'm asking is, is it high or am I just being silly?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Do you have any symptoms upon standing? That was my first indication that something was wrong; I keeled over completely or started to black out, although I also have a significant blood pressure drop. Not everyone with PoTS loses consciousness, a lot of people have the pre-syncope.

    Those heart rate apps and similar are supposedly not very accurate but I found mine ok. It certainly confirmed my thoughts that something was wrong. I've given up on my Fitbit as I found the band aggravated my skin.

    An increase in heart rate by that much upon standing could be indicative of PoTS. Although, heart rate increasing upon even minor exertion e.g. stairs is normal. GPs can do a poor man's test by checking your heart rate and b/p sitting and then standing. I find they are, generally, not very clued up neither are some cardiologists, although I can recommend one if you're in or near London.

    Take care.

  • Thanks crashdoll. See my reply to Purpletop below. I now have something else to tell my doc next week.

    Unfortunately, I live 'in a land down under' 🙃so getting to London to see a doctor might be a bit expensive! All the same, I would go anywhere in the world to get the best so if you could give me his/her name anyway it will definitely be logged for future reference. Many thanks.

  • Oh I see, yes a bit far! I saw that you're having symptoms which is no fun at all. Out of interest, do you find the heat affects you? It's hot in England which is rare and I'm struggling so much more than usual.

  • I don't think so actually, not with the POTS anyway, it's fairly constant whatever the weather and it's horrible at the moment and it's been really cold here the last couple weeks (cold for us anyway, bumping along just above 0C). Sorry to hear the heat is bothering you. I wonder if it's not necessarily hot or cold but sudden change extreme of temperature that our bodies are struggling to cope with. Food for thought.

  • POTS is when the heart rate goes 30 bpm higher within 10 mins of standing (or over 120bpm). Get up and stand for 10 mins and see. Don't move or do anything else while waiting. The health apps are not always accurate - oxymeters (those things you clamp on your finger to check the heart rate) are relatively inexpensive and far more accurate.

    Do you have any other symptoms? Like dizziness? Mottled skin on the legs when you stand up?

  • Ok. I did the test.

    Resting rate 82 bpm, immediately after standing 120 bpm, 10 seconds after standing 110 bpm, 5 minutes after 117 bpm, at 10 minute mark 134 bpm. I was struggling to stay upright, wobbly legs, very lightheaded, very nauseous and my knees were a beautiful shade of dark purple with red splotches and from knee down were slighly lighter shade of same purple with white splotches!

    ???Is it normal or not??

  • That's POTS and the mottling of the skin is due to blood pooling - not enough compression of the leg blood vessels to send the blood up. Do you have Hypermobility?

    I'd go see a specialist in Pots, not that there are many. The Facebook POTS group is great for learning more about it.

    You can PM me if you want more info.

  • Thanks for your help Purpletop. I am seeing a general physician next week to try and sort out all this mess and hopefully point me in the right direction for a diagnosis. There is just so much going on. I'll make sure I mention it to him. I'll have to check up on hypermobility but I seriously doubt it, I'm definitely not double-jointed (to use an old term) but can you be hypermobile without that?

    Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.

  • You might not think you are Hypermobile, I didn't think I was until neuro had me do more obscure 'bending' and also looked at how the skin marks and its elasticity etc. But POTS can have many causes, I have lupus and that's a known trigger.

    Good luck at your doctor's.

  • I am being looked at for possible lupus and maybe sjogrens into the mix. Will definitely check out hypermobility. Many thanks again and will let you know how I go

  • Do you know any reputable sites that explain hypermobility in depth?

  • Hi 1985mum, the Hypermobilty Syndromes Association have a lot of information available and they are members of the Information Standard, so it can be trusted -

  • Thanks so much for that Paul. Will definitely have a look.

  • Sorry for jumping in but which groups do you find the best?

  • For pots, the POTS group and the POTS Support UK group on Facebook.

  • Oh yes sorry you already mentioned that. Thank you.

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