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Just a little positive post from me. Tonight I managed my first Pilates class since I became ill 2 years ago! I suddenly lost the ability to stand in 2014 when I developed POTS syndrome and was subsequently diagnosed with SLE. It's been an incredibly difficult and painful 2 years but I finally have managed to start very gentle physiotherapist led Pilates. I feel like I've actually achieved something!

.....although I may be regretting it tomorrow!

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  • Well done happytulip. I started Pilates in 2014 after my rheumatologist recommended it. It's the only exercise I do really apart from the occasional walk when up to it. I love Pilates now and am hoping to increase to 2 sessions a week in September when I will have finished at work and my children are back at school after the summer holidays. It gives you such a sense of well-being. I hope you don't ache too much tomorrow. Keep it up! Good luck.

  • That's wonderful happy🌷! Never mind if you wake up sore...muscles just 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 You for your effort.

    A 😄 thing !



  • Wonderful! Well done!

  • HURRAH ‼️ I love 'gentle' pilates too...it's helped me a lot for over 20 years. Am so glad of your update‼️ Take care happytulip

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • Thanks all. I wasn't too sore today other than in my elbows and wrists. Think I will have to adapt one of the moves, but so far so good!

  • Well done. I have worn wrist supports to Pilates at times. I really need to circle my wrists after some moves to loosen them up. Is it a weekly, hour session?

  • Hey, that's great! Congratulations!

    I, too, have a form of dysautonomia and have been wondering about whether to join a local Tai Chi class, trying 5 mins then sitting or lying for 10 mins and seeing how it goes. I realise that Pilates is probably more recumbent, but there isn't a class anywhere near me. But your post has given me encouragement that maybe I might at least try the Tai Chi, carefully, and see how I go.

  • Hi happy tulip

    Really pleased to read your post about Pilates. Good for you for trying it after having such a tough two years!. I have had one to one sessions of it and had great benefit without too much after effects. Just made me feel good and improved posture and strength. I still do exercises at home for my back and hope you improve with it too. Good luck and keep us updated. X

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