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Specific type of pain - like I've crazily over exercised the day before?

I'm still trying to get diagnosed, does this sound familiar?

All I have to do is one different thing... like for instance, I adopted a cat, so I spent some time crouched down and bending to stroke him the first day. Not a huge amount, I didn't exercise or tire myself out or do anything strenuous that day.

The next morning I felt like I'd done 300 squats. The muscles I used to bend and crouch were on fire. Like I'd done the world's biggest workout the day before. Is this what some lupus pain is like or is this different?! It's definitely muscular.

I used to be able to do exercise! I used to do two high impact workouts and pilates every week. If I try pilates I can barely move for three days. I shuffle in agony. I feel like I've climbed mount Everest.

Apart from not knowing why it's happening, I'm also getting plump :'( !!!!!!!

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Hey Blueberry,

I totally relate to your pain. This is one of my biggest symptoms I encounter. Especially when I first became ill. I too, was VERY active before, once my Lupus came into my world, everything from, working out, biking, hiking etc... became a thing of the past. Even a walk for more than a few min, left me in incredible pain, like I had worked out like crazy. I was unable to do my job as a customer service manager, which required alot of walking throughout my work day, for over a year. That inactivity put pounds on me as well. (the steroids didnt help ;( )

That was almost 4 years ago. I have been able to manage my lupus, with medications, and my pain level is at least manageable, with alot of pain meds. But what I recently found was a miracle for me: its in WATER!!! In a pool, I feel great. My pain almost goes away completely. (well almost). Im looking into joining a gym, or my local rec. center ans I feel like with regular workouts I can help loose some of this weight, and maybe strengthen my muscles.

I will let you know how it goes. So hopefully this will help you in considering something to help with your muscle pain.

Good Luck, and may blessings


Thanks! I'm so sorry you feel the same way - I really needed the reassurance that my predominant type of pain wasn't something completely off the wall for Lupus. :)

I'm not so good with the pool, I have wonky legs due to an old separated pelvis and lax joint disorder. Sigh. I hate swimming! I'm so happy you found something you can do - hopefully I will too! :)


Yep. I get pain like I've been lifting weights in a gym after simply carrying my handbag for half an hour. It always surprises me and I try to think what have I done In the past 24 hours to cause this much muscle strain?!! It lasts for a couple or three days sometimes after the least bit of carrying. Makes me think I should ask someone to do my grocery shopping but I don't want to not do things for myself. I do however have a "granny cart" I take for my shopping and that helps a lot. I'm 'only' 48!


25 here and thinking of a granny cart too! :)

Thanks for sharing your experience x


Hi, When I was first ill, it was that pain that caused me the worst trouble. I couldn't lift anything, I couldn't walk and carry anything. I got fatigued after 2 mins exercise. It all started with my pregnancy really. The worst thing I found was clapping! Agony for weeks! I think it the body over reacting to the slighted jolt or stress.

I have also found swimming to be excellent, But I can't swim a whole length without getting over fatigued, so I use one of those foamy noodle things that the kids use to play around on. Means I can plod along without sinking! It has changed my fitness levels and I feel more in control and all with no impact. Great. I also use the steam room.:)

I hope this will put your mind at rest about exercising. The pool really is the best pace if you can force yourself to go!


Hey Blue! I am also 25 and after being diagnosed with Lupus for the past ten years have now been diagnosed with Still's Disease! Please do not get dragged into believing that you have Lupus when you could have Still's. They are scarily similar. At the moment I feel like an old woman it is horrible! I share your pain! The next time you visit any medical professional I would suggest that you have a chat and ask them about the possibility of you having Still's disease and not Lupus! X


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