Am in agony

Am in agony

Hello all

I have complained about the sweĺlngs in my knees and ankles after surgery. I have seen my surgeon and he has refered me for an MRI. For the past couple of days the swellings seems different. I am in agony with every step i take. I limp, the area between my knees and toes is red hot sore. Every movement i make is agonizing, even to turn in bed. Pls i have attached a picture of my legz pls should i be worried my kidneys are playing up.

Any advice will be appreciated.



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  • Call an ambulance get to A&E NOW

  • Seriously do it now plz reply so I know you have seen this

  • Ambulance, now, please

  • Thank u i just saw thiz reply. I will call 4 an emgency appointment with my gp in d morning.

  • Can someone get in touch with this member ? !

  • HOSPITAL now! You could have a clot! MaryF

  • I just woke up now and saw all ur reply. I will go for emergency appointment in morning

  • Thank u all will keep u informed

  • You are putting you own life at risk ! How many people need to tell you to call an ambulance - what good is making an appointment with the doctor if you can't walk PHONE AN AMBULANCE THIS IS SERIOUS ! SORRY TO BE SO BLUNT BUT YOUR ONLY RESPONSIBILITY IS TO LOOK AFTER YOURSELF you are seriously unwell


  • Am i hospital now. Thank u so much

  • Better late than never you silly woman ! Have they said how bad it is have they started you on fragmin

  • Emm no! ( i hope ur not with ur cane yet) my gp placed me on antibiotics he said that i have cellulitis some sort of skin infection that has gone into my blood and poisoned it. I have my consultant appointment 2mro so i will be in hospital 2mro. I am abit werry of hospitals since may 9th 2016 till 2day i ve been on 3 different hospital admission. I had cousins visit from america we went to lego land my son was so excided that we were in a fun place not d hospital. I started the antibiotics yesterday but i immediately started having heartburn and acid reflux. I had gaviscon but no improvement. I i intend to be in bed d greater part of 2day. The swelling reduces when my feet is raised up. So my dear thegual thank u. I will be in hospital 2mro 4 my rheumy appointment.

    Thank u and God bless.


  • I do hope you get on ok at rheumy - you know as previous poster said better safe than sorry I'm not the only one who were VERY worried about you x

  • I am really grateful for the care and support u ve all given here. Keep u posted about what happens 2mro.

  • Clots don't usually present bilaterally! I am not sure that calling people names and using shouty capital letters is the best way to deal with situations like this. Ambulances are for immediately life threatening emergencies that need an 8 minute response.

  • Omg I so hope u are ok, this needs sorting out ASAP please be safe not sorry

  • I hope you are ok.

  • I hope you called for the Ambulance I no you like me probably think it can wait but I really hope you didn't and that you are now being treated

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