in agony

I knwo I probably overdone htings today but it was too nice to be indoors doing chores so spent time in the garden -tidying up and replanting stuff.that was after spending an hour or so in bed to recover from dog agony tonight-chronic rib pain at back left side and pressure on left ribs at front -ie when .thinking get an earlier dr appointment (booked for june 12)cos cant cope with pain and dogs sense soemhtign seriously wrong.why else persistent pelvic pain and rib pain and pressure.if not caused by a mass of somesort.tell him if he cant accept what I tell /have told him again and again then to believe my dogs.

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I dont know your whole story but I have persistent rib pain caused by Costochondritis which many lupies haveif you want to google it x


hi sarah I ahve heard of this condition btu not by any gp or consultant and only by other members.i can understand the rib pain btu not why my ribs protrude-surely something would cause that to happen?


My Rheumatogist diagnosed me with it. She is a lupus specialist. She also diagnosed me with joint hypermobility which many lupies have. It can cause ribs to pop. Mine do sometimes. Have a google. Let me know what you think xx


Hi anbuma. I really think myself lucky where my gp's are concerned because they have acted very quickly in the last 2months from when i got my first lupus result i ave seen a consultant and he sent me for more blood tests not just for lupus but 5 others.he gave me a good examination very good checked my bones & sent me for xray.i ave been to a&e twice cause my eyes where burning every time i tried to open them all this fluid came out on second occasion they called me back next day saw eye specialist said i had dry eye could be the lupus gave me some drops been ok since.i suffer everyday with pain but more times than not its to much to bare.hope you get better soon and u get things sorted rember you ave to tell what you want so go for it.

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Hi I am sorry to see you are going through a rough time right now, I don't know much about you so it is difficult to offer you information or advice but one thing that is shouting out and ringing alarm bells is how bad you are feeling after spending time outdoors. Many lupies are photosensitive so their symptoms are made worse by any form of ultra violet light, the biggest of course being the sun. I can be affected even on very cloudy days and cover up completely even on very overcast and cloudy days in fact the only time I go out without scarf, gloves and as much skin covered as possible is at night. I wear a factor fifty sun cream on all exposed skin and don't have low energy or florescent lighting. I am very lucky in the fact that I have a very good G.P. this pain need not be a mass lupus can cause all sorts of different pains it is a very complex condition, I know our pets can tell us all sorts of things but that's because they know us well and can sense that we are down. My dog used to let me and my family know I was going to have a fit but he could not see inside me. It seems that maybe your pain is dragging you down maybe you could do with talking to a therapist/counsellor about how you feel in general at the moment.

Good luck and I hope things pick up for you soon

Madmagz x


hi madmagz

I don't know if its cos of raynauds or fibro/lupus/thyroid or all of them btu I have always felt cold even on warmer used to be mostly my arms and years ago I remember wearing "leg warmers" on my arms to keep them warm.for several years I have not gone out without a coat on (.where I live now (since 2003)it is always cool especially on the corner my house is situated as well as being on the north east coast.the only part of me exposed is my face.i never wear sandals and wear gloves all year round to keep my hands warm and to stop dogs' leads and bag handles cutting into them.


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