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Is it possible to suffer with Arthritis in one's jaw? I can't shut my mouth properly!

I haven't been able to sleep for around 5 nights now, as I have what feels like arthritic pain all throughout my body. My knees and hips are playing up, which is completely normal for this time of year (luckily my hands are fine, as I have too many portraits to paint ready for christmas)! But now it feels as though it's having its way with my shoulders, elbows, neck and now my jaw. I've tried painkillers and other anti-inflammatory drugs, but nothing is working. I'm so worn out, I've been unable to sleep properly for 5 nights in a row now, waking up every hour and I'm at the end of my tether.... ='(

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I get jaw problems - sweeling of the joint! I yawn (permanently tired) & it moves out of line & Icant close my mouth. Chewing becomes a big no too. I take pain killers but cant take anti inflamatories cos Im on warfarin for life due to a stroke 9ys ago (cheers lupus/APS). Hope you find some relief.xx


Sometimes I have jaw pain as well. When I was diagnosed with lupus all my joints were in pain including my jaw as well. Prednisolone is working for me but you have to ask your doctor for that. Maybe a few changes in your treatment or even cod liver oil. Just try to relax and not think about it cause when you stress yourself for that as well it only gets worse.

Good luck xxx


Yes it is Karly. I've had regular problems with jaw pain and inflammation. Watch yourself for teeth clenching when awake and there's also the possibility of teeth grinding in your sleep when in a lot of pain. This is a natural reaction to pain in many. As soon as my dentist mentioned this I caught myself doing it several times! She referred me to the Maxillo Facial unit to have a prosthetic guard made for me to wear at night on my lower teeth and I've since had less problems with my jaw - also fewer migraines. Hope that helps!


Hi Karly, I too have problems with my jaw i have had a mouth guard and am awaiting a wash of my jaw bone , i find a a hot wheat cushion helps , take care


Yes , i have problems with my jaw too, and have been diagnosed with arthritis and tmj in one side of jaw only, i have had excruciating pain in my jaw ear neck and shoulders and dibilitating tinnitus and balance issues , i am a clencher both day and night which makes things worse ,having a lower splint fitted has helped tremendously.

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