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Lumps behind ear

Hi all, I have 3 little lumps just behind my ear which I noticed in February. They've grown in size and a couple have merged together, and they are quite hard and don't move. I mentioned it to my GP when I saw him for something else in March and he suspected my glands were up but to come back in a couple of months if they hadn't gone. Last week I saw a locum in my old GP surgery (I'm in uni) and she dismissed them as a bit of bone. Not completely happy with this and hoping to see my usual GP soon, but was just wondering if anyone has had anything similar?

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Three lumps of bone randomly growing and joining together??!! Sounds like a bit of a strange explanation to me. Sounds like she thinks it was your mastoid process ( curvy shaped lumpy bone behind your ear). But there are glands in that area too. If it was me I'd go back to get a second opinion if you are concerned. You know your body best.


Yes that's what I was thinking! I know calcification can occur but rarely in this area. I'm going to get a second opinion and if it is bone ask why these lumps have suddenly formed! Thank you.


Good question!

My versions of this are:

-Smallish firm reddish lumps, sore to touch so am not sure if they move lumps are boils related to my immune dysfunction (I've been getting these in various parts of my bod since childhood: under & behind ear, around outside of base of nostrils, in mouth towards gullet on soft palate, vulva etc..). I'm given antibiotics: these usually clear them up

-smallish hard non-movable lumps seemingly around joints in hands. There is no colouring. There is no pain. These appear, stay for months & then disappear. Have not had them diagnosed

Hope you'll let us know what your Drs say

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


Thank you! I have one of the small lumps on my wrist and have had it for a couple of years now I think, this is calcinosis which is due to dermatomyositis which I have overlapped with lupus. The lumps behind my ear don't feel quite the same as this, but I will try and find out and let you all know :)

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