Getting rid of a verruca?

Has anyone had a verruca while they have had lupus and managed to get rid of it?

I've literally had mine for years and feel like I have tried everything that you can buy from a shop. I saw a chiropodist and he said leave it if it doesn't hurt because of my immune system if will just come back, but now it is getting bigger, can't be barefoot.

Last year I went to see my GP and he said they don't do it on NHS anymore and couldn't refer me or give me any advice 😒

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  • Oh yes I had a mass of them & was painful walking. U need to see dermatologist. Had cryo surgery but put too much on & was left with 3rd degree burns ! Think we are prone to them . Ur immune system is obviously not fighting them off !

  • I have had mine for years and years!

    I know when my immune system is at it's lowest when they become bigger and painful.At the moment they have gone flat and almost like hard skin,perhaps my immune suppressants are doing this.

    My dr told me once that the reason why these hard skin and verrucas won't go away is because the immune system is low and cannot fight and repair the foot/feet. I don't think mine is that active snd I walk around bare foot and so far no one in my house hold gets

    Verrucas! I do know that every time I go swimming I tend to get a new one so be careful when swimming and use flip flops on the floors.

  • I have had verrucas for years too, I went to a chiropodist a long time ago with a mass of them, at that time I didn't know I had Lupus .

    He took one look at them and asked me "Have you got a serious medical condition!" I was so shocked, but he knew it wasn't normal.

    I have them now and they are starting to be painful, another trip to the doctors, although the gels do not work on them.

  • I've had a cluster of them in my foot for 15 years now, (diagnosed lupus 2 1/2 year) I've been to numerous chiropodist s even two dermatologist now seen. Dermatologist just day chiropodist needed, I've been going on and off for years. Think they get fed up seeing me need to chase last appointment never came !! I've Used every remedy possible. Now I keep it low by heavy fileing and sanding till it bleeds then apply salactol acid few times a week. I ve tried it frozen weekly several times and even needling twice with no results, I've even burnt hole so bad with the acid that chiropodist was shocked... doctors no use think there getting that there enough over counter remedies available. I struggle to treat it now as hips suffer bending to reach xx

  • I have painful verucas on my heel have had for about ten years. Have been frozen, acid and chopped at. Still there. They have suggested microwave treatment which is new but need at least three sessions at £150 per session and may not work. I am embarrassed at the state of my foot but docs, chiropodist don't seem to be able to help. They even said surgical removal would not be an option as would leave a big hole and painful scar tissue. Thought I was on my own with this one. Sorry to hear others have it too. I know it is not the end of the world but would really like to be able to walk pain free and maybe in sandals. 👡 X

  • I used to have one right in the middle of the sole of my foot. I used to go to a chiropodist every month and have it "pared" down this basically meant he carved it down with a scalpel so I could walk pain free then it would grow back

    I did this for months and then one day it just went!

    They are weird things

  • Hope this happens for me one day! Defo need to see a chiropodist again

  • i had a huge one on my foot for years, became very hardened. i tried many treatments from chemist. after a hot foot soak i lierally picked it out (sorry i know thats gros) and used one of those home freeze sprays on the freshly pink skin until i cried with the pain. it never came back. i was desperate for it to go as walking had become painful x

  • It may sound bizarre but the practice nurse told me to use Duck tape and literally suffocate it. Whether it was coincidence or not, it did go and hasn't recurred.

  • I have heard of that, how long did you do it for and was it just at night?


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