The funy side of lupus #24

The funy side of lupus #24

Is when you have plucked up enough courage to face the world again after a good few weeks and you head for your favorite cupcake cafe.... to be greeted with a huge hug, a smile......AND A CUP CAKE!

Yes....😀😀😀 this is a cup cake

You know then that you are going to be ok...👍

And although I cannot convey the taste and texture of an amazing white chocolate and raspberry cupcake, I hope the picture makes you smile.

So my lovely lupies, feel free to

My love as always

Mandy. X

4 Replies

  • Yep that's definately a cup cake !!!



  • Pass the tissues - to wipe this drool off my chin!!

  • Yum 😀

  • Wow my favourite flavours🍰

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