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PIP Appeal Update


So my appeal went though in October 2017 - the paper work . I’ve been waiting for an appeal date since . I braved and rang up to ask about it ( hate phoning things like that )

The lady said for my Center the average wait times is 28 weeks , I’ve only been 27 weeks . So hopefully in the next week or so they will write to me .

I am 2 points short of 8 points , now I have the raised toilet seat and toilet frame I should get my 2 points easily 🤞🏼

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Good luck Lou , hope you will get good news 🌸

Hi, Be careful though as the appeal is for information they had when you applied, not from this day. They do try to trick you! . You had the problem of getting on off toilet when you applied and as you were waiting for aids you didn't include them on original claim. Hope that makes sense, and good luck x

LouLamb in reply to jayfer

I understand what you are saying . I will just explain it to them , hopefully they will understand and award it to me. If I were to re apply later on my new bath room aids wouldn’t be going anywhere .

I know they try and trick you this is the 2nd time I’ve had to appeal and nothing had really changed from the first time I applied way back in 2016.

I’m not bothered really , I have nothing to lose if they don’t award it to me because my last award ran out in May 2017. It just means that from May to now I haven’t been able to purchase any more aids that may have been useful for me .

Good luck Lou x

Good luck its so stressful what we have to go through the system is crazy !


Good luck, you deserve to do well Lou xx

Good luck Lou xxxx

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