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Sharp pain behind my right breast

I have a sharp pain on top of my right breast and behind the breast travelling under my arm, , it sometimes travels to my back, I got an ecg done over a year ago and a chest xray and all came back clear, the pain with the last week just seems to have worsen and when I take a deep breath it hurts, does anyone have any idea in what may be the cause of this?

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Hi; this may have absolutely nothing to do with your issue but, I have COPD and I get these types pain in my chest. I also have SLE and malignant hypertension.

I'm a guy so you understand why my issue may not even come close yours

Hope you find answers soon!


"The Barefoot Gardener"


Hi Dee,

you should get any type of chest pain looked at. SLE causes pleuritis, pericarditis and costochondritis....all of these inflammations cause pain on breathing and leaning forward. In themselves it's not usually serious but is painful.

I do think you should see your GP though, it's been a year since you were last checked.

Hope you are feeling better



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If everything else had been checked out, have a gentil prod around all your ribs. I had one slightly out of place which cause me awful sharp pains. All it took was a Physio to strap it up and voila! All better.

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Thanks I am going to go to the doctor again today, I can't lye on my right side the pain is so sharp

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