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Pain upper right side

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I just started having pain on right side on top of breast.

Pain is sharp and I have a burning sensation

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Hi Lise2,

Is this the first time you've experienced this symptom? I would advise you to go to your GP to discuss this symptom with them.

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Lise2 in reply to Paul_Howard

Yes it is the first time. I took a tylenol 500 and the pain went away. I will make an appointment with my doctor. Thank you

any silicone in there?

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Lise2 in reply to mariearmstrong

No silicone

ok, your lucky there, but chest pains are on the list of lupus annoyances. I had them even after the operation, turned out to be Pleurisy

Definitely see your GP about it, but I agree chest pains are a bug we have to bear. Mine usually from costochondritis (inflammation of the rib cartilage) but I've had pleurisy as well. Hope it's something and nothing that's easily dealt with.

just love all the extra information I get from all you guys on this site!! We are all the same, we are all different, but we are all in this together. I have a theory that we are the forerunners of some kind of major mutating change to the human race. naturally, im always positive about the outcome of change, (a scientist by nature) and happy to be a part of the windstorm, but I haven't decided yet whether we did it to ourselves (chemicals, water and food toxins, vaccines, etc) or if something else is evolving. but autoimmune is REAL! and its increasing. But until green spikes start to grow out of my spine, I will remain positive and calm. which I think is the bottom line challenge in lupus anyway.

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