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Hello from Canada

  Just realized its been 5 months since I posted.  My bad, been busy with enjoying life. All is well with me.  More good days than bad.  Spring is here and I welcome the warmer temperatures.  Got the RV moved out to our local lake.  Its my happy place and looking forward to enjoying it in the months ahead.   Take care everyone and hope all are feeling good.  Gentle hugs and blessings.

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Abby - that's a lovely post thank you.  Hope you keep well. Heather


Thanks Abby

A new happy place to imagine.

So pleased you are so well. Long may it continue.

It cheers me to know I may feel as you do at the moment at some point. Hope springs eternal. Enjoy!

Best wishes



Where is your lake in Canada? Have a cottage on Big Rideau lake in Ontario. My favorite place in the world. Spend my summers there. Glad your feeling better. Me too. Xx


Its called Arm Lake.  In Alberta just off Highway 14,  I live in Wainwright, AB and the lake is about 28 km east of us.


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