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Kidney infection or kidney pain from lupus who knows.All I know is I am so sick of going to the doctors!

I have pain in both its like they take turns and they hurt so bad.I am so nauseous.I know I have a lot of stones but both kidneys should not be passing stones at the same time.Tho that has happened to me before.I texted my urologist and I do not know what else to do...Wait I guess but I will probably have to go to the er. I am hoping not.My family says go to the ER now..But I'm sick of it all of it.I do not want to sit there for them to say"its just this go home and take these and "rest"..There is no rest for me.I have a toddler which is why i do not want to chance being admitted.I am sweating tearing which happens with me only when the pain is just way over what a normal person can tolerate.Thats the 1 thing I have always been great at tolerating massive amounts of pain.I do not cry I have before with stones, but I cannot help my eyes watering from it.I know when that happens somehting is seriuosly wrong so wait it out till the 4th 2 more days or end up being dragged to the er..........

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I know its a stone no pain makes this much agony SMH trying to stay calm and my heart is racing so fast.


My heart goes out to you Juliet...I send you hugs and the feeling that u should go to the hospital. It's too risky to mess with your kidneys. You only have one pair.


I went I had to it's a stone lodged between my kidney and bladder.Its a little one but it does not feel little.


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