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Why am I not able to remember what things are, the names of them, and when I talk to someone, I can't think of the right words, stomach pain

So much stomach pain, and the joint pain and, I can just go on and on, so much I am going through and I have no dr or insurance, and I just want a friend who's going through the same things, and a lot of it I do not know about or understand, please contact me back, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart...Alfie

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I get stomach issues from my medication plaquinil that I take for lupus..also if I take non steroid anti inflammatories..even if I take with milk or food..

My brain is kinda fuzzy from I guess lupus...

joint pain come and goes for me...

my hearts been doing twinges, so im getting an ecg on Monday..and more blood tests...

so u have no doctor? I dont have a steady doctor...


Are you on Facebook Alfie? Lupus UK have a page with over 5000 members which is well run and more of a chat forum. Or if you are in America they slso have similar groups on Facebook. Just s thought as it sounds like you vould do with some friends with lupus.x

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Morning sorry about how poorly you feel as I have mentioned in other posts, please see the Healthunlocked site on Hughes syndrome, regarding memory problems


If you are in the UK you don't need insurance, just register with the nearest GP surgery. It sounds as though you may not be though. It is so hard this illness. I hope you will feel better soon, just rest if you can and not too much light. I think that pain will cause forgetfulness, I also experience that. It does strange things to you. Good Luck.


'Use a noun!' is my husband's most common phrase these days - he knows I just can't remember words sometimes (and me a writer and publisher!) and it's *so* frustrating for both of us. Alfie, sounds like you need someone to talk to who's going to understand this hateful disease - this forum's great at that too as we're all going through variants of the same thing. But it also sounds like you definitely need a medic - where are you? And you might find books like Talking About Lupus by Triona Holden useful. GrandmaCarol's right too: rest up, and don't try to do too much. It sounds trite, but there will be good days and I think we all live for them! Hang on in there. Jo


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