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I was wondering if lupus rashes are found in the skin fold areas of the body as well as on the trunk. The docs have prescribed dactocort but the rashes havn't gone after 4 months and there are a few more coming. I'm not dx but I've had 2 low level positive ANA results in the past 5 years. The rashes are red & bumpy under the skin & leave a dark staining when not flaring. If you have any ideas I'de be grateful.

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As for me I get them from shoulders down. Go to my page and see some photos on my post.  I have a rash now on my upper left thigh where the leg joins my body. I also have a photo of my left foot, it is pretty much one big rash. I have not been able to wear shoes in almost two years. Also in my post are the name of the creams/ointments that the doctor has given me. Maybe this will help you.


Hi dogtired,

Lupus rashes can vary significantly in presentation between patients. We have more information about skin involvement in lupus in our booklet here -

Have you seen a dermatologist about your rashes? Have you had a skin biopsy taken?


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