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Sat outside in my garden for approx an hour and now I have this rash. Any idea what it could be? It really stings. What can put on it to make it better?

Thank you

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Prickly heat rash possibly Tulip?

Hi Tulipano,

These annoying rashes! Sun will get us every time now, even if it's behind a cloud and we've got our blocker on, it seems.

I'd suggest Aloe vera gel, or aloe goop straight from the plant can be even better for all things topical and stinging/burning. I just bought a new Aloe plant from Homebase for £4.99 to get me through the summer. Hope your rash doesn't stay uncomfortable for too long.

Panda x

My bet would be heat rash. Cold water, aloe vera, aqueous cream etc. Maybe an antihistamine would also help. Hope you feel better soon :)

Is this common in lupus? Xx

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panda2 in reply to Tulipano

The sun caused problems for me almost overnight last year. Suddenly, in June, I couldn't handle it on my skin -- even with factor 50 (or 70 or 100!). It was starting to scorch after just less than 10 minutes. And it's worse this year... : ( Px

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Flyhook in reply to panda2

Got the same problem and now cant use dermovate any more on my arms as skin is thinned with it it bursts and ruptures under the skin its a total curse im afraid to go out now as gets so bad.

Hi Very common to be sun sensitive with Lupus,the fun never stops! Always use factor 50, keep well

I take no chance now. Hats, umbrella, sun block, long sleeves. Of course I will go with a combination depending on the weather and what I do doing. 😂😂😂😂 try to fit in but don't always work. Even more funny I am Chinese, so people think I am just trying to stay white. Actually, that's what I use to think when I see people with umbrellas in the sun. Too bad I do anything to avoid a flare up.

No Sun for me!! Horrid rashes

Sadly - lupus and the sun don’t go well together. Factor 50 is a must and limit exposure

I love the brightness of summer but the heat sees me in factor 50 and long sleeves....my consultant made a real fuss of this....

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