Hi to the Community,

I am a SE Asian Female  with  Tanned Skin i was originally diagnosed by a few different doctors in the UK with Topical Dermatitis. I Recently saw a Dermatologist as  had  Red patch Rashes with a brown background with tiny black spots in Both ears in two places for about a year which is very itchy also around the scalp with a slight hair loss each day but not bald patches hair seems to grow back. Had the Blood Test  and  Urine Test Results which were Both Fine the Dermatologist explained and Suspects DLE .I still need to get a Biopsy of the skin .Would both  Blood test and Urine test possibly rule out SLE ?

Thank-you for any opinion

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  • Blood and urine tests may suggest that it is not SLE, but this would depend on what blood tests were carried out. Even with all the correct tests they may not be 100% accurate and may not identify cases of sero-negative SLE. An accurate diagnosis will be made from a combination of your symptoms and any clinical markers found in tests.

    If you would like more information about lupus and DLE, please send me a private message or email paul@lupusuk.org.uk with your name and address and I'll put a pack in the post for you. 

  • Dear Paul Howard

     thank-you for providing your kind concise reply to

    my Question.

  • Hi Paul Howard you very kindly replied to my post about 2 months ago.

    I am from the UK I was asking how precise the test were in my visit to a Dermatology was.

    I originally went to see the Dermatology in Bangkok Middle of March,I would like to ask you at the time i was worried about scarring as the doctor

    in Thailand where i am at the moment, (which has been incredibly hot 39c ),

    The area for Biopsy was just over the top of my eyebrow close to my hair line also affected was inside both ears which they advised could not be biopsied.

    I declined at the time and will be back in the UK in 3 weeks time firstly scarring as well to the clinical setting but may not of been a problem at this Government Hospital,The GP in UK advised it could be a 12 week wait to see a Dermatologist after an email.Last time i had Urine Test CBC all were good ranges including red and white blood cells i was told by the Doctor she suspected DLE .I was wondering they left out an the Antibody Test .At the moment my BCG on my shoulder , i had 20yrs ago, has become itchy very red and sore and more raised.Would it be related to Dermatology

    DLE etc?I have heard you can get a steroid injection to stop this.

    Also the steriod cream has worked up to know and cleared all the lesions up

    but for a week or so after some stress it has reappeared itchy red and dry in both ears again(but i am in an out of Aircon and had some extreme hot weather here too at times up to 39c)also had some small blister itchy on tips of Finger but again could be due to hand washing !

    Would you consider i go back to Dermatology in Bangkok and ask for the

    Anti-body Test and Anti-dsDNA test and wait for result and then get Biopsy in the UK ?

    Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) is obviously a different test to CBC and i was not tested before.

    would the ANA Test be of significant use for diagnosing DLE or SLE?

    I have noticed of the 11 SLE criteria, from the Lupus Research Institute:

    I only match 2 ,

    !.Discoid (skin) rash: raised red patches...... (Yes)

    2.Photosensitivity: skin rash as result of unusual reaction to sunlight ......(Maybe)

    Some hair loss but but been like that for over 10 yrs now not alopecia though don't loose that much each day, and no bald spots, could be Vitamin issue.

    I would be interested in your kind professional advice .

    Thank-you for all your time and help



  • Hi Advice1,

    ANA and anti-dsDNA are important clinical markers for the diagnosis of lupus and so having these tests done would be worthwhile. Your GP may be able to do these for you if you ask? If the test results for these are positive, then a consultant may be satisfied with the evidence and diagnose you without needing to have a biopsy.

    Steroids can be used to treat lupus rashes and are often very effective, but they should only be used to treat flares for a short duration. They can damage the skin if used extensively so another longer-term solution may be needed to keep the symptoms under control once you have a diagnosis.

  • Hi Paul Howard

    thank-you for taking time to advice me on this

    your advice is most appreciated too.

  • Hi Paul Howard

    its been a while

    but am now back in the UK have a wait of 2 months on the GP referral to Dermatology and still

    get the itching inside and outside ears which do wake me up and do get me done as itching seems worse than pain.Have taken antihistimine which didnt do much for me.Would you suggest going for the ANA test you suggest while i wait for UK referral?

    Haven't been able to find anthing

    that works for the itching so far!


  • Hi Advice1,

    I don't see any harm in getting a blood test for ANA while you are waiting for your dermatology appointment. The extra information will hopefully help them reach a diagnosis.

    It may be worth phoning the consultant's secretary on a regular basis to see if there have been any cancelled appointments and whether they will be able to see you earlier than two months.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having a problem with itching. This blog article we wrote may be helpful for you - lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...

  • Hi Paul howard,

    thanks for taking the time to reply and also for your advice

    and thanks for the link which has some good points that

    i could try out. I did have Malaria as a child twice ,

    one of which was a very bad case too,so i am not really sure

    if i could take Malaria Tablets now if it came to it, but would have to speak to GP.

    Thanks for your kind help.

  • Hi Paul Howard,

    thank you very much for your support and your idea to call or email the secretary actually worked so instead have waiting 2 mths

    i will be seen and have an appointment from a cancellation in 3 weeks so thank you i am very grateful for your kindness doing a great job for members on the forum,

    Good Luck.

  • That's great news! I'm glad they were able to find you an earlier appointment. Let us know how you get on.

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