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Suspended from work due to sickness

So I have lupus and currently started my first job last year in march I was on 40 hours a week and as you no was very tough, it got decreased to 32 hours eventually but was still a struggle to maintain the hours where I would get excessively tired and joint weakness would take over making me take time of work as I would be to weak to attend. It got to the point where I was put on disciplinary for attendance but again I couldn't help the issue any further. I work with children as an apprentice so couldn't decrease below 30 without affecting my course. Now although I have a new job to start on 3rd of may which is 5 min away from home, my old employer has decided to put me on suspended leave during my notice period his words were "you don't have to come back I just want to leave this here on a friendly note, hope all goes well in your new job and you can still contact me for references" Additionally he said all this by phone and when I messaged him to send it by email he hasn't done so, technically I have no evidence of proof of this conversation taking place, What are my rights? and does it matter I don't have the email as evidence? any advice appreciated.

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Hi Daniellelupuschick,

I'm afraid I'm not sure where you may stand legally in your current position. It may be worth phoning or visiting Citizen's Advice for their opinion on this?

Are the employers at your new job aware that you have lupus? If you would like more information about your rights and what support is available for people with lupus in the workplace, we have two booklets which you can view or download from our website at

If you require physical copies, just send me a private message or email with your name and address. 

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Thanks for your advice and yes everyone was aware from managers to staff,  however my manager just never understood. He has just told me earlier that I don't need an email as reference as I still work thier but am suspended but because I handed in my notice it doesn't matter he said use the time to rest and relax before my new job, and I provided a sick note from Monday to Friday with regards to my time of from Monday till today, it's just a weird act technically I had 6 more days left 


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