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Round 2 with Senior GP

Hi. Update

Overall first apt went ok. Bit snippy but said he would refer me. Sent me for chest xray and gastroscopy re no feeling in gastroscopy.


The chest xray was clear- hooray.

Gastroscopy apt for April. Automatically booked me an apt for one week later for review.

The referral letter sent off. Showed him pic of Prof Bruce from L news and views. Gave him 'proper' name of hospital group. He said he had not looked up address of Prof Bruce but Rheumatology and not found him (!)

I referred to GP Lupus book sent by Lupus UK, received and looked at!!!!! Thanks so much Paul.

Asked for one gp only for me. Would he ask if anyone would take me on. Stay with me he said!

Review of all meds and had review date removed totally as I take all listed meds. Had pain killers of choice added for my convenience

All very convivial.

Came out having got everything I wanted. Phew.

Future looks more promising than it did a few weeks ago. I was truly at my lowest ebb.

Following advice and encouragement from this place, I stood up for myself.

PLEASE believe you too can do this. See a senior GP. Marshall your thoughts, have a list of topics, refer to way you feel if other gps dismissive or sceptical of your ailments and go for it.

Thank you guys

Much love


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😡😡😡😡😡 sorry, read feeling in oesophagus not gastroscopy second time⚽️

Look what I did! I edited. Thank you PMRpro... again for your help. You guru you!



Did you know you can edit your posts?

There are 3 boxes at the bottom of your post - the one on the right has a little downward pointing arrow - click on it and it offers you the choice to edit, delete or report your post. If I click on it I can report it - but nothing else. :-)


HURRAH ⚽️: 🌟🌟🌟🌟✌️✌✌✌✌👏👏👏👏🍾🎉🎈💐🐣

THAT's the way to do it!!!!!

WOW: thanks so much for letting us know: it's SO GRRRRRREAT to get really good news

And thanks too for all your pointers + encouragement + enthusiasm:

testimonials + advice like yours are 2 of the things that make our wonderful forum so SPECIAL & HELPFUL

👍😘🍀 coco


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