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Is any of this familiar?


Hi everyone,

I posted a few weeks ago about the symptoms I'd been having over the last year or so. This week has been a bad week and I just wanted to see if my list of symptoms is familiar to anyone as they're so broad! I'm still undergoing tests but lung function is fine despite tight chest and shortness of breath. Seeing consultant week after next. Halter monitor ruled out heart rhythm issues. Chest xrays clear.

The worst thing by far this week is the inability to sleep. Despite all my symptoms, I couldn't really blame any of them as being the thing that is keeping me awake. I'm not unusually stressed. I feel tired when I go to bed but then I'm a weird mix of tired but unable to sleep.

I'm putting off going to the Drs because there's nothing specific to go about. I will be asking if ANA was tested in all my blood tests though and asking for a referral to a rheumatologist in the very near future as things are getting worse. I've also started getting a rash some evenings on my nose and cheeks like sunburn and I am so stiff most of the time. The more I think about it, the longer all of these problems go back.

So, I've taken to keeping a symptom diary now so I would be interested in anyone's opinions. This week I have had:

Pain and stiffness in neck, back, hands and legs

Nausea, stomach pain, reduced appetite

Restless legs

Shooting pains in arms and legs

Twinging and tingling in lower back

Inability to sleep


Pain behind eye sockets


Feeling cold and then hot flush

New dry skin

Sharp pain in ribs (Already diagnosed with costochondritis)

Blackout (Didn't lose consciousness but everything went blurry for a few seconds)

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Sorry to hear your having a bad time in reply to your question on the symptoms they all match mine apart from the rash on your face the rash I suffer appears on (completely covered with it on a flare up) my back front of my body neck and arms I was diagnosed with SCLE in 2006 although I had symptoms since 1998.

See your rheumatologist ask for the tests. I went down the road of my diet looked at the paleo diet and stopped most of the foods that increase body inflammation. It has helped me a great deal I'm not strict with it still have bread potatoes occasionally pasta and rice may be worth having a look at it. Good luck with consultant hope you improve soon.

LUPUSadmin in reply to Hidden

I'm glad that you feel this diet has helped you. It's worth noting that because lupus varies from person to person, what might be helpful for one person may be harmful for another. The diet with the best clinical backing for people with lupus is a balanced one.

We've got a booklet called 'Lupus and Healthy Eating' detailing what is involved in a balanced diet and how it can be helpful for people with lupus. You can access it from our website here:


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