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PIP Denied


I did not get pip, received the letter today. I have to ring up and ask them to reconsider their decision before i can make an appeal the letter says. I think it was wrong with the points i was given. I need to get 8-11 points to get the standard rate. I got 6 points in daily life and when looking online and the points. I should have defo got them 8 points. She scored me unfairly and wrong. Also in her comments she said my joints were not swollen. Think she must not have had her glasses on as my joints are always swollen as my consultant says. I got my bus pass out of a wallet holder to use as form of identification and she used that against me. It is not as if the wallet had a sip it on it the card just slides out easy. Thats why i use the holder so i am able to get the cards out.

so going to ring up today to ask them to reconsider.

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Good luck I'm in the middle of a reconsideration also. They had given answers to questions that were not even asked

Hi loulamb

So sorry about your pip decision. Contact the CAB to help you with the reconsideration. Good luckX

LouLamb in reply to misty14

I said to them that my mum has to help me in and out of bath .

They gave me 2 points saying I can use aid or appliance . She said to me on the phone that if I had grips I would be able to get it and i said no . I need an actual person. We already have hand rails on the bath and that doesn't help. I don't have the upper body strength to pull my self up

Hi Loulamb, so sorry your having to go through this stress. I had the same problem & ended up at a tribunal where I was awarded 9points. The 1st assessment I was only awarded 6points like yourself. Please get more indepth & detailed info from your medical team. Also include what you disagree with & why in bullet points. Short & to the point, don't waffle ;-) I have read so many people with disabilities getting refused PIP by just a couple of points, then it been overturned on appeal. Fight for what you deserve! On saying that, we shouldn't have to fight. Statements from medical professionals should be enough proof, but sadly it's not. Good luck & don't give in! x

LouLamb in reply to smudge1980

She told me to that i need to send a medical letter in saying why I can't get in and out of bath and why I can't wash and dry my own hair . I need to do that in 4 weeks . For a doctors note it cost £25

smudge1980 in reply to LouLamb

Yes I had to pay £20 for statement from my gp, but from my consultants at the hospital the statements were free.

Sounds to me Loulamb, if you didn't have help in the bathroom you'd be a danger to yourself. You need to say that & a strip wash is also difficult for you because of balance, weak muscles & joints & not been able to reach body parts because of limited flexibility etc. You need help & supervising because your at risk of falling & losing your balance. Without help you wldnt be able to wash.

So sorry to hear this but you need to fight all the way as other members have said we should not have to but for some crazy reason they dont want to listen to GPS and consultants,

Good luck x

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