Missed Appointment, Not!

P'd off doesn't cut it. I've been waiting since November for my referral to Guys. I've just opened today's post and I have a letter saying that I didn't turn up for my appointment on Feb 11. Therefore I'm discharged.

I haven't had a letter or anything telling me I had an appointment in the first place.

I'm so upset I can't tell you. Grrr!


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14 Replies

  • I'm sure you are Alison, someone has messed up somewhere, take a deep breath and you will get it sorted tomorrow! I always find a courteous but firm approach is the way to go 😊

  • I agree. I'm angry now but tomorrow I will be nothing but sycophantic.

    Wish me luck!

  • Hi

    I was referred to them in September and come beginning of December I was chatting to my GP about it and he said to call and chase. So I did, to be told I had an appointment booked for Xmas eve!

    I didn't receive a letter and asked them to resend. I didn't get that one either! I would call them up and say you never received appointment letter.

    Good luck

  • That's so frustrating. Although I understand their places are few and many people miss appointments waisting time, the fact they expect that the post always arrives. I think they should ask you to confirm. Good luck tomorrow and keep calm.

  • Hi, I did receive an appointment letter but when I rang to change the appointment date was told I had to be referred again as you have to be seen within a certain number of weeks. My consultant told me to ring again, which I did but with no joy. My referral has been sent off again so back to waiting. However, I didn't receive a

    discharge letter. Ring tomorrow and let us know how you get on. Good Luck.

  • When we moved house I changed hospitals and letters would go astray. It was a simple error on the hospital's part in that they did not have my proper address.

    I know it seems a simple thing and I hope you don't think me rude, but have you checked if your details are correct?

    It is so frustrating I know, especially when you think events conspire against you. A pre-assessment appointment for a cancer op arrived 10 days after the date. Strangely enough the postal date was also after the appointment time.

    I have heard of this happening to other patients too.

    I wonder if the hospital sends them out deliberately late so they can not be blamed or penalised for not fitting in treatment within the time guidelines. (Or am I being overly suspicious?)

    Keep being persistent, don't give up!

  • Hope u rang them and told them their error what was their response?

  • This is terrible! Have you phoned the clinic?

    I had a urology sec admit to me that her hospital uses a mailing house on the other side of the country & that appt letters sent out from this mailing house regularly do not reach the patient...she said it drives the clinic staff crazy...I said yes & the patients too

    I've got to the point of always phoning clinic secretaries:

    -I ring once I have their flippin appt letter to double check it

    -I always ask the approx date of my next clinic and then put a note on my diary to contact the clinic if I don't have their letter within a few weeks

    😤🍀🤔 coco

  • Hi i had this problem and when i called was told i would have to go back to GP to be referred again and now back on waiting list i never received a letter like they say , but it was like talking to a brick wall.

    Good Luck

  • Where I live you are sent a text two days before your appointment to remind you. It's a great idea.

  • The text message system works well.

  • Thanks for the support guys. I have spoken to them this morning and I have an appointment on the 8th of March. Phew!

  • My first letter went to an address I lived in 40 yrs ago as a Student..moved several times since.I found this out when i chased up my appt. They apologised and gave me a new one 3 weeks ahead. I think you need to be pro active and chase up..

    Got an automated check that i was going phone call for my next one which gave me an option to reschedule.this was a week prior to appt. A very effective response to meet the missed appts problem.

  • You to also had thatfrom phtsio grr wont listen either now need new referral

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