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Dermatology Appointment Update

Hello everyone

I had my long-awaited Dermatology Appointment yesterday which had to be the shortest consultation I've ever had!.

It was good news that I don't have skin cancer but I was given a diagnosis of Bowens Disease which is a pre-cursor to it. The lesion I have is coming off in November, not sure how as Consultant didn't discuss anything, she was horrible. Will see GP to see if her clinic letter is more helpful!.

Thank you to everyone for your support , did appreciate it, I hope your all as well as can be.X

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Many thanks for this update misty...have been with you in spirit, and hoping for news....this is good news, I guess, but it's sobering because this is a serious diagnosis with significant implications for your well being ongoing, including undergoing a serious procedure in Nov....and then there is the recovery ...and this is also sobering because of the way your consultant related to you: sounds like one of those horribly unhappy appts that leave me feeling ultra my case this means anxiety levels increase 😏 SO GLAD you'll see your 🌟🌟🌟🌟GP to talk this through: he has the experience of this condition + its treatment & he knows your case well + he really cares & is a good communicator 👏👏👏👏

Take care dear misty...please let us know what your GP says

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

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Hello Barnclown

Thank you for your wonderful reply, you really do know how to say the right things. You have HIT it completely, summed up how I'm feeling today ie relieved but I didn't really want something else that has to be watched and monitored because it is ongoing!. I will feel better once I've seen my GP and will keep you posted. Thank you for being such a lovely friend , good luck tomorrow for your eye appointment. TAKE CARE X

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Glad it is over Misty but these unhelpful consultants leave a cloud of misery behind them don't they.

Maybe she actually hates her job but they should really get out of their profession and not stay to upset the patients too!!!

Trouble is it is incredibly stressful to go along to those appointments especially with the chance of skin cancer to think about. As BC has put so well although Bowens disease is not as serious it still has to be monitored and the area will have to be removed which will mean more visits t them in the future.

Hopefully the nasty one will not be there next time.

Fortunately I usually find the nurses so cheery and supportive in contrast.

Hope you will feel a wee bit better about it all soon, just takes a while to take it all in, doesn't it.

Cutty xx

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Cutty, thanks for making me 😂😂😂😂: you're so right about everything....and your comment re the nurses is spot on! 🍀😘

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Dear Cuttysark

Thank you for your lovely reply. You are so right in everything you say. Made me wonder why this lady had decided to go into medicine, wasn't to care for people!. She can't be easy to work with, the nurses were lovely. What has made me cross is there was no discussion of treatment options, don't know how it will be removed which is why I'm talking to my GP first when he gets the clinic letter. The diagnosis is getting better over time, didn't really want anything else so ongoing and it's not helped seeing Mum having a tough time with hers at the moment!. Hope your injection flare is subsiding. TAKE CARE. X

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I also mean't to add that luckily it's a different doctor who will do the procedure. Hope she is nicer. Funnily enough the chap that Mum saw was horrible so it seems to be general in that speciality!. Makes me grateful for my other nicer consultants. X


Am so're TOTALLY's the thoughtful words of expert patients like you & dear cutty that have helped me to 'get' this awful stuff we endure. Courage dear misty 😘🍀 to eye clinic I go 💃💃💃💃

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Hey Misty,

I am so glad that you "got through " your awful appointment and kept it together!

Some consultants can make you feel so small at times!

Your diagnosis must have shaken you up some what but hopefully your G.P will monitor you regularly and co-ordinate your future health care hopefully with a different specialist, one that actually cares about the patient....

I do hope your mind is a little lighter now that you know what it is.

Take care Misty,


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Hi Midge

Thank you for your lovely reply, really appreciate it. I am feeling happier about this diagnosis as Mum has the same condition so she's been very helpful. I must admit I didn't really want another condition to deal with but I'm grateful it's not skin cancer!. We can feel so torn can't we?.

I am bothered about how they'll remove it because of nerve problems in my leg and they didn't give chance to ask about this hence me needing to ask my GP!. Luckily it's a different doctor who carries out the procedure, just hope she's nicer!.

Hope you are well Midge and your home improvement works have gone well. Not easy to cope with!. X


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