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Hi all,

I hope you are managing as best as you can. I have developed rashes on my face, diagnosed with Lupus in 2014 and slowly reducing my steroids with docs overseeing. I have started seeing red rashes appearing on my face which I know is common but I wondered if anyone was using any foundation etc to cover it. I am using bare minerals as I don't like to have heavy make up on but all suggestions are welcome. If any one can recommend for black skin that would be great or if not what are you all using?

Thanks x

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  • Hi lil-miss, sorry to hear about your face rashes. I generally use 'JML mineral magic' powder which I love as it's very light on my face and covers all my rashes but I don't know about anything for black skin sorry. I hope someone else has some better answers for you xxx

  • Thanks Belee, I will look into it. I use bare minerals generally but I don't find it covers well when my skin is healing. :(

  • Hi my doctor got me an appointment with red cross .they were brilliant matched my skin to use a camaflage & now I get it on prescription. It stays on all day & people don't believe how it looks & covering my rash .hope you find something x

  • Hi Charmaine, can you tell me the name of the make up that you got via the Red Cross. I don't have a butterfly rash but on one cheek I have a rash and I can't find anything that will cover it. I have tried several but they are either too thick and cake like or just don't work. Thanks and take care. N x

  • Hi it's demerblend cover mark &demerblend finishing powder but you need to see redcross as they match it up to your skin also makes sure it doesn't irritate the skin x

  • Thanks Charmaine, it sounds really useful. I will have to pester my docs.

  • Changing Faces produce a lot of helpful information about skin camouflage cosmetics and operate a skin camouflage service too. You can learn more on their website at

  • That perfect! Thanks Paul.

  • I would see a dermatologist. Not sure what type of Lupus you have but we are also prone to rosacea and that can be treated with medication. I have both the Malar rash and rosacea so I take the special cream and then I was instructed to use a tinted #70 Uva/Uvb sunscreen every day, even in winter. I use a product by La Roche-Posay and I get it at the chemists. It's pricey but has lasted six months so far because you just use a dollop on your fingertip.

  • Try Revlon Colorstay 24 hrs make-up. I have used this for over 15 years and it worked wonders to cover up the psoriasis that I had on my face. I had heard about it because women with servere burns with scaring on their faces had recommended it. It has great coverage! Good Luck!

  • Younique do a concealer that covers even tattoos yet is quite light weight. You have to go through a consultant who sells it though. One of my friends sells it and it's about £24 with free delivery. It does however last forever because you only need so little.

    If you wanted her details I can message them to you. She will send you a tester so you can try before you buy.

    I couldn't be without mine now.

  • I use Vichy Dermablend.

  • Hi Guy's, just got back to this about the coverup. Thanks Charmaine for info and all the other sufferers we did aim to help Lil-Miss but it has helped me to so I thank you for that. I tried Dermablend many years ago as you could buy it from QVC shopping on one of the sky channels, I will look again see if they do it. Thank you Tinythepanda if I can't get on with the Dermablend I will send you a private message that sounds good if it covers tattoos. Take care ladies and Lil-Miss let us know how you get on with the makeup. Nx

  • Thanks all for the info. I will have a look at all the options and see what works.


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