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Pip renewal

Hi everyone

I was wondering how do you renew your pip? I was awarded PIP last April, but this was backdated to the October prior to that. I haven't been contacted in regards to renewing my claim, but wondered whether it was up to me to do. Also when I got my pip, I wasn't awarded anything for mobility, but my pain is so much worse now and I have very little mobility. Would I be able to reapply with a view to getting help with mobility. I can't particularly walk well anymore and certainly not any distance. I mostly go out in the car, but sometimes can't even do this as my legs are in so much pain that I am unable to drive. Thanks in advance xx

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Hi Gail41,

Generally the DWP will contact you to arrange a reassessment for your PIP if your award if approaching it's end.

If you have had a change of your circumstances which you feel may entitle you to a higher level of award, you would need to notify them of this so that they can reassess you. Please be aware that if you do request a reassessment you may receive the higher payments that you feel you may now be eligible for, but you could also potentially have your score changed for the component that you are currently receiving.

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As far as i am aware they will right to you to say you need to re apply did you get a date of how long it was awarded for? i have just had mine done they wrote to me in November had a face to face assesment December and was awarded it until 2025.

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I was awarded till 2017 January 16 get a 40 page form to fill in sent it back recorded delivery had a text from DWP to say they had got it, a few days later get a letter from Capita saying I had applied for pip and might need a face to face assessment.

Nothing has changed since I was awarded I still have COPD and many symptoms of Lupus plus lower back problems feel like pulling my hair out


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