Pink cheeks!

I have not had skin problems with my Lupus but just recently I have developed 2 lovely pink (facial!) cheeks. I am presuming it is a malar rash but could it be something else? If it is a malar rash is there anything I can do in the way of creams etc ? Also what do people use to cover the rash? Which brands of make-up are good to use. It isn't really sore just a bit sensitive but I feel quite self-conscious. Thanks in advance for suggestions

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  • I had the pink cheeks problem for some time before the other symptoms of lupus came along. In my case, I have found something called "Dermalex Repair Rosacea and Couperose Cream" really helpful - to the extent I get it on subscribe and save from Amazon. It's very soothing for me and a little goes a long way - I just use it on the red bits It may well be helpful to go to a beauty consultant in a large store to get advice. I don't wear much make up, but have always had sensitive skin which does NOT like the sun! Most of my life I've used Clinique, but have found the Dermalex + a lot of moisturiser really helpful now.

    Also, best check with a medic in case this problem needs more than something over the counter.

  • I have a pink rash on one side of my face all the time now. I have found a really good foundation and cover up, by Younique. Look it up on line, bit expensive but I found it worth it. Good luck. X

  • You should see a dermatologist but it is probably the malar rash; however it isn't unusual for folks with Lupus to have a malar rash and rosacea and the latter needs treatment with metro gel cream. Also you should always slather on a 50 plus uva/uvb sunscreen and they can be bought tinted and cover the redness well.

  • It could be rosacea, which I now have, and your GP/dermatologist will need to make the diagnosis (if there is doubt, it's worth asking for a referral to a dermatologist, as rosacea may be confused with acne, etc). There are a number of treatment options, including antibiotic topical creams/gels, which can help matters. I am currently trying Zineryt (which used to be used a lot for acne but can now be prescribed for rosacea).

    In addition, for me, I have to keep out of the sun - so same as for Lupus - and I find that heat exacerbates it e.g. baths, long showers, sitting near a radiator, plus alcohol. Simple moisturisers work well for me; I use Weleda Almond Facial Cream but also the Dermalex that your first reply mentions. However it's very much trial and error as to what suits each person.

  • I find when in a flare I get red cheeks in a symmetrical pattern - people say I look well because normally I have no colour and quite pale; had anaemia at various times in my life. Strange, but other symptoms are far worse to manage.

    It goes and comes again when I don't expect it like many of my symptoms - bleeding nose today. Last week it was sore ends of my fingers and thumbs started with splits and so painful healing into hard skin that eventually disappears.

    I don't know how any doctor can diagnose what the cause is or know a drug to treat it. I think my body is doing its best in a difficult world with so many stresses not least electro-magnetic stress and other pollution effects!

  • Thank you for all your help x

  • I use Aveena cream to moisturise and I find Vichy Dermablend foundation is a pretty good cover up. Both are available at Boots or online.

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