Moving forward for 2016

Hi all, well it's that time of yr that always has me reflecting on 2015 yrs events & my life in general. I feel thankful that even though I'm living with 5-7health conditions, this is the 1st NYE in 5yrs that I'm not ill. I'm feeling mentally & physically exhausted as I found out just before Xmas that I have Fibroids & Endometriosis to add to my list so I had a quiet Xmas at home alone cos' I didn't want to travel & had a fear of triggering SLE, etc. It was empowering to put myself 1st but hopefully not every yr. For many yrs, I've dragged myself out to pls others & had to deal with falling ill by myself. No more!

Over the last 5yrs, I've had non-stop illness, diagnosis & testing. I lack confidence as I'm trying to get to know my new self. I suffer from anxiety & fear a lot now. I'm waiting to have NHS Counselling, but what I think I need is Health Trauma Support (if it exists) that specialises rather than general counselling. I'd like to deal with my health issues in a confidential place (maybe with others) . Do any of you know of such services in Ldn or organisations?

I'm a member of a large Lupus Support Group & we chat more about the objectives of the group at the moment rather than our health conditions, fears, sources, etc. Its great to socialise with others similar but each of our cases are very different. My case is quite complicated now.

I've just realised this today & it's given me hope for 2016.

Best wishes & health to you all x

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Hi Mag. What a thought provoking post. I am new to this, July 2015, still not under control but dealing with it as best I can.

I know where you are coming from with all the testing, every time I go to the hospital (probably 2 times a week at present) I come out with a cold or tummy bug.

But, funnily enough, since being ill and the constant fatigue, I've thought, s*d it, I can't do it so I wont. It has taken 6 months for hubby to realise I'm not joking. I feel happier now than before diagnosis.

Hope you get the strength to fight. There is always someone here who will talk to you about your symptoms. If you would like a chat message me.

Babs xx


Hi Babs, thanks for the reply & your chat offer, I appreciate it. I get a lot of mental peace from communicating on this site & love that we all empathise support each other. Stay positive x


Well done you for putting yourself first and not trying to "please!" others! I can totally identify with you, as my husband always says to me "It is ok, trying to put yourself out, for the sake of other people"s feelings ect. but is he who has to "Pick up the pieces!", when inevitably I come Crashing down afterwards and spend weeks in bed!!

I too have so many complicated health issues! Lack so much confidence, a shadow of my former self! I don"t even recognise who I am any more!!

Bless you for you Post as you have inspired me to just be me and if family/friends do not like the "New Me!", well tough!!

I always try to keep in mind a saying:

Those who Matter

Don"t Mind

And Those who Mind

Don"t Matter!

I think that about sums it up with the ignorance of some people, who just cannot understand/empathise with our on-going "silent!" illnesses?!!!

May I Wish you a very Happy, HEALTHY (as possible), Peaceful

NEW YEAR to you and all the other lovely Members of this Forum?!

Sending positive healing, soothing, comforting vibes your way

Many blessings XX


Thanks loopylou61, glad to read others understand but sad to read others going thru the same frustration. Oh well, guess it teaches us what we need & how to love ourselves more to stay healthy. I'm aware that if I'm not good to me, I'm no good to anyone. Take care. Be kind to yourself x

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Thanks for your reflections. I am fairly new to all this but I can really empathise with you. The hospital referred me to the Occupational Therapist( whose post is attached to all the Rheumies) and who is great. Her role is to listen to you and your individual circumstances and to help you find a way through that suits you. I have only had two sessions but already I am feeling more positive about my ability to manage as I go forward. Maybe you could ask if you have a similar post within your hospital?

This forum is a great support. I love reading it every day-I call it my alternative therapy.

Good luck to you and best wishes to all for 2016.


Happy New Yr Claire12! Great idea about getting support from Occupational Therapist, I'll ask my Rheumy. I'm open trying different things to find out what support works for me. I might even post regularly about different support methods I try (hopefully to help others in similar position).

Best to you as well x

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