Pelvis examination to assess cervix

Hi, I have SLE as well as 4 other related health conditions. From Nov to April, I wasn't digesting iron & extremely anaemic. This was investigated thru gastrology, colonscopy & kidney biopsy. Nothing was found. I've been having random pain, mainly below my belly button around my cervical area. I'm awaiting a pelvis examination to investigate this further. Has anyone been thru' this? I've had so many tests that I should be used to it but I seem to turn into a nervous wreck now as I suffer from anxiety due to the trauma of constant ill health for 5yrs. The testing is next wk but I've just spoken to the medical ctre & the anxiety is kicking in. Sadly I can't chat to my family & friends about it as they seem to freak out. I swear they get fed up of my constant anxieties about health & seem more confused about it than I am.

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  • Hi there

    It could have been me writing your post! I'm not sure if I can offer any positive suggestions but can certainly identify with your constant extreme state of anxiety. I went through a similar situation a couple of years ago with various tests for pain and anaemia and this resulted in me having a sub-total hysterectomy. My health anxiety went off the scale at this time. It's certainly been a major issue for me since my symptoms have increased for me in my 40s and I'm currently worrying myself about abdominal pains again (possibly exascerbated by a combination of previous surgery, the autoimmune 'rubbish' going on plus the anxiety itself).

    The waiting time for the tests to be done and then getting the results seems to drag on. Are you taking any meds for anxiety at all? I have previously been prescribed some (sertraline) but it made me feel far worse so I refused to take them. I have also tried going on the psychotherapy courses that our local mental health team provide - complete waste of time and made me actually more panicky. What has taken the edge off for me is a combination of taking some herbal anxiety remedy (Kalms) and relaxation cds (there is a lot on YouTube as well if you look for them) - it doesn't make it go away, but it seems to just make it a little bit more bearable. Best of luck with your tests next week and I hope everything is OK x

  • Hi Sjogibear, thanks for your reply. I am mentally prepared to read good/bad/shocking experiences. It must've been an overwhelming time for you. I pray that time will heal your trauma & that your current abdominal pains are nothing serious. Thanks for the advice, I do meditate but haven't tried anxiety meds. I take over 10 pills a day & wouldn't be surprised if the side effects are causing me such anxiety. I've used Kalms liquid drops but I'll see what else they offer. stay positive! x

  • I don't know if it helps to know this but apparently there is a link between having Sjogrens and being an anxious, nervous, perfectionist and obsessional personality type - I don't know if this genetic tendency also holds true for SLE. I do at least like having a logical explanation for it i.e. it's not just a case of being ill making one anxious (although that can hold true as well of course). It's not really a good combination :) Thanks for your kind words too xxx

  • Hello SjogiBear,

    That's interesting info about sjogrens and anxiety. Do you have any websites or medical info to back up what you say as I would find it rather interesting.

    Many thanks.

    Regards Sarah x

  • Hi Sarah

    See the article by Dr Price in the current edition of the BSSA magazine 'Systemic Disease in Sjogrens Syndrome & its Management'.

    And also: rheumatology.oxfordjournals... Psychopathological and personality features in primary Sjögren’s syndrome—associations with autoantibodies to neuropeptides

    Hope that helps!

  • Hello SjogiBear,

    Many thanks for the info. Would you believe I have just received the latest BSSA magazine but have not had time to read it yet. (what am I like!!)

    I will have a look today.

    Regards Sarah x

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