APS and flying

Hi everyone x

I wandered if anyone could give me any advice?

I am going on holiday on Tuesday, the flight is 4 hours 15 mins.

My rheumy was concerned about APS and said I might need to have blood thinning injections. He then spoke to haematologist and did some research and found that it is recommended to have the injection for flights of 6 hours and above but he basically said I could still have them! He spoke to me about it for a while and then said its up to me whether I would like to have them.

I don't know what to do! I don't like taking medication at all if I can help it (but obviously take loads due to lupus). My hubby says well if I don't need it don't have it.

Has anyone else got any experience of flying with APS?

Thanks xx

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  • If you post this on the Hughes (APS) syndrome forum you should get answers.



  • Thanks xx I did t even know Hughes syndrome and APS were the same thing lol x

  • There is a VERY helpful, VERY knowledgable Hughes Forum here on HealthUnlocked. See link in previous post. Best wishes

  • I have APS and use fragmin injections for flights over 4 hours. Once I got over the fear of injecting I was ok. Makes me feel safer flying. Don't forget the flight socks.

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