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Missed my appointment in Manchester today because nhs transport was too late and the hospital refused because the delay was too long .

Been waiting ready since 12 for a 14 appointment , they never turned up rang them 2 first time they said they'll be 30 min late , then when I rang them again they said the appointment as been cancelled because of hospital advise ( the delay was too long) .

No one let me know I was sitting waiting!!

When I rang the hospital they gave me an appointment for match even if today wasn't my fault!

Today was to know my scan results , Start new treatment and now everything it's up in the air idk nothing , and Manchester hospital won't share results with my local hospital , I'm crying out of frustration , every time I try to ring someone it's a recorded message ie: secretary , specialist nurse .

Sorry about the erratic writing but I'm sooo upset! 😢

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  • So sorry to hear that!! I know all about the hospital cars! Dreadful system and totally unreliable!!! You must put in a complaint. I've had to do this and they need to take into account the stress it causes. I'm sorry for your upset. Makes me so cross!! It is frustrating and time consuming!!! I wish I could say something more profound. Please know your not alone with feeling this way. Try and relax and not get to stressed. You need to look after yourself. Thinking of you with understanding. X

  • Maria, thats awful! How upsetting that must have been. I know how desperate we all are to get results and then have our appointments cancelled or have transport not turn up - its soul destroying. I hope your hospital can somehow fix this for you without you waiting until March.

    Take care,

    Best wishes Kate

  • I'm sorry this has happened. I wonder if they can do a telephone consultation with you to discuss the results at least. I'm also wondering if your GP can call to get them for you and speak one medic to another. Failing that I would get PALs involved.

  • You could also try the consultants secretary and try get information that way. If you ring the hospital main switchboard they should be able to give you the secretary's extension number or put you through to him/her.

  • Get into the garden and have a really good scream Aaaaaaaaaaargh. Honestly, you'll feel much better for it. I had a similar day, really geared up for some answers (scan results) only to find it was nurse led clinic, not a rheumatologist in sight, so again no answers after an 8 week wait.

    Bloody awful isn't it?

    Snuggly hugs and hot chocolate

    Babs x

  • I agree PALs is the way to go. They will intervene on your behalf with the missed appointment and about the two hospitals sharing information. Sorry to be political but another fallout of privatisation in the NHS. Good luck.

  • Sorry to hear about all the crap & frustration you are having to experience BUT it does not surprise me (not meaning anything about Manchester) but ALL NHS transport services are being cut drastically & this is what is happening!

    My recently deceased beloved husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforma grade 4 & was actually in hospital & being sent to local Oncology Hospital to start treatment & believe it or not "they" the transport never turned up to take him, even after many calls from the ward. We waited from 10 am till 2.50 & after me asking many times could I just take him in my car (1 hour journey) and was told that I couldn't because he was a patient in the hospital BUT by 2.50 the ward sister just frustratedly said "if he were my husband I wud just take him now" .....

    1 hour later I arrived at Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology Car Park with a very sick DH, in late December, him in his slippers & dressing gown in the rain & sleet .. I managed to walk him into the clinic & then had to drive him back to the hospital ward ...... The Transport Never Ever Turned Up !!!!!!!

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