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My husband Black lungs

My husband has black lungs copd emphysema and the last few weeks has been the worse ive seen him he has went inhot the steriod shot antibodies and back in with in 7 days given dailyresp. for 5 days he is still very breezy and very bubbly when he breaths his sat was 951-94th

Using inhalers and neb.times a day. I dont know what to do any more i stsy awske at night to mske sure he is breathing and not dead what can we do that we havent done . He isnt on oxygen

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His sats were 94-95 sry my first time with u all


My husband suffered from COPD so I know what you are going through. Please get in touch with doctors and ask if he should be on oxygen. my husband started on it for a few hours a day and it did help. In the end he was on it 24 hours a day but even with that he had small portable cylinder so could still go out and do things.

I really feel for you. I am not going to tell you everything will be ok because that would be lying as I am sure you know.

Steroid tablets could help as well, my husband was on 5mg a day, The dose was put up when he had infections.

Please get in touch if you need more help.


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