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Does anyone do any natural treatments for lung inflammation? I have been having labored breathing for awhile. I tried a marshmellow, chamomile tea which seems to help. Seems to be bad when I lie down for bed. If I prop myself up, I can fall asleep better. I think I need a large wedge for my bed. Experimented with a sleep apnea herb combination and found lobelia herb made me very dizzy. It is unfortunate because it is suppose to help with breathing problems. Just wondering if anyone has an herb they use to help with breathing? Thanks

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Really! Did the mashmellows help, i have lungs problem too. Please tell me more. Thank u


Reducing mucus producing foods is something i find helps enormously. Thats things containing wheat or dairy. Oils as well.

I also use sterimar which is a nasal saline spray which cuts some of the mucus problem before it gets to the lungs.

Lots of hot water based fluids also help with mucus removal



I was told to place two blocks of wood under the feet of the the bed at the top, so the whole bed is at an angle works fine when my chest is bad.


Oh, good old fashioned chicken soup made with the chicken carcass or chicken wings or drumsticks also helps to kick the infection.

Bone broth in general contains amino acids and zinc often lacking in the diet and important when the body is under attack. Hot fluids are also absorbed more easily or easier to digest


Have you tried steam inhalation? works really well for lung problems, opens up the tubes etc.... You can buy from the chemist a plastic pot with a nozzle you breathe through, or ever thought of a nebuliser?


Thank you everyone for your advice. Read somewhere marshmellow will pull phlegm out of your lungs. Unfortunately, my health food store has not been carrying it in the tea form lately. It also had chamomile in it....I think steam sometimes makes my lungs work harder. I have trouble with humid air..I will look into it though.......Went to Gp to test lungs. There was no difference using a nebulizer. Did not give to me. I do take zinc and c when I have an infection. I Have cut dairy out of my diet. Wheat is another problem. In everything. I do eat Ezekiel bread but not all the time. Sometimes I think it is anxiety attributing to making it worse. Not sure. Thank you again for support!


Have you tried cinnamon in hot water? I have honey, lemon and a stick of cinnamon to drink and its quite soothing. The other thing you may find helpful (if you are able to of course) is swimming in a heated swimming pool - the theory being that you are breathing in warm, humid air while you are exercising your lungs - well worth a try on a regular basis.


thanks heatheric.. I will most definitely try that cinnamon. And I like the heated swimming pool idea. We do have a YMCA nearby. Only problem is all the chlorine they put in the pool, hurts my lungs. Wish I had one inside my home. Ha! Would love a hot tub with salt water. Less chlorine used. Another good idea. Interesting about exercising your lungs. Maybe I will take a ride over there this week anyway. THanks...Hope you are fairing well ...


Hi, I use the plug in vaporiser. You plug it into the electric socket and leave in all night in the bedroom with the door closed. I also change my bed a year ago to twin adjustable beds so i am always propped upright in bed at nights and I can adjust the position to suit. To buy the bed is very expensive but it's well worth it as I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and use ambulatory oxygen (lying flat makes me very breathless).

You might be able to have the vat back or not pay it on your adjustable bed.


Thanks Maureen. I did sleep better with two pillows under me propping me up. Vaporizer works? Cool. I should get one for the bedroom. Thanks.


Got a vaporizer. Love it. When I have trouble breathing, I sit right in front of it. I put it in my bedroom at night. Also helps me stay sleeping. Don't wake up as much. Amazing. Part of problem is dry air from wood burning stove all winter. I noticed years ago it was starting to effect my breathing. Put some eucalyptus in the water, and it's even better. Thank you!


Hi, I pray you're doing well. I have stage III non-small cell lung cancer. I did surgery, chemo and radiation. I was diagnosed in June 2014 and had my last treatment in December 2015. I have a dry cough which gets very annoying. Pit scan shows excessive scar tissue and COPD. I have been using DoTerra essential oils. Frankincense has been known for many years to help kill cancer cells, wow helping the immune system as well. I drink for drops in water daily. I have a pet scan again at the end of May and am praying I'm still in remission. May God bless you always


Hi Pat! I am so sorry hearing about your cancer. I hope and pray you are in remission.

I really do believe in oils healing properties. Especially since I heard a coworkers sister beat breast cancer by putting oil on her breasts.

I did not know of the power of Frankincense. I was told that would be a good oil for my daughter who has just been diagnosed with rosacea on her nose. How awful. She is only 14 yrs old, and will have her entire life. I did not tell her this. Maybe it will go away. Dermatologist recommended Rose Hip oil and frankincense. Since frankincense is so expensive, she said the Rose hip will do just as well.( I also did not know that you can take frankincense internally with water. )  

I was drinking a calm tea with marshmallow root which helps to remove phlegm from the lungs.   I think it is inflammation since I have low end lupus. So, I took a lot of turmeric over the year, vit d, b12. My breathing is better, but I still occasionally have trouble breathing. Almost like COPD, but not officially diagnosed. 

 I do ok over the winter, but worried about the hot, humid summer coming. That is also a difficult time for me to breathe. 

I have to admit I haven't really looked into treating.  I am still working on so many other things like my scalp and such. Just got an essential oil sourcebook, and trying to get money together to start buying oils. I have a lavender oil I put on every night with coconut oil as a carrying oil because I don't sleep well anymore.  It helps me sleep straight through with 7 hrs of sleep. 

I also have a glass of water with 1 tsp of baking soda and lemon everyday. I have just started this recently, as many are talking of the benefits of keeping the body ph balanced to prevent cancer. Not sure if it is working, but I will try anything, and I can afford lemons and baking soda. Lol! I need to stay alive for my girls. My mom died when I was 11, so I am frantic about keeping myself around for my girls who are now teenagers. I found there were many times in my life I wish my mom was around. 

Please let me know how you are doing in the future. God Bless to you too!


Hi Natural, I too want you to stick around for your girls. I pray God's healing hands are upon you. Lavender does help me sleep as well at night. I follow a site called the truth about cancer and that's where I got the idea of the frankincense. I lost my mom when I was 34 and she was just 66 and died of pancreatic cancer. 

Lemons lemons lemons, are also part of the protocol of doTerra oils for almost every illness. Also TruWellness which has free news letters is where I have learned a lot about essential oils. I've never heard of using baking soda, but I'm not above anything. 

I also love diffusing my oils. Not only do I preach better, but they make the house smell good as well.

I will give you an update after my Pet scan in May. I am praying fo the words "Remission". 

Was great chatting with you. May God bless you and keep you safe.

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You too Pat! I will keep you in my prayers! 


Oregano tea with a slice of lemon & a spoonful of honey to help the medicine go down should really help. It is like a natural antihistamine and is good to reduce inflammation such as in lungs or other autoimmune deseases, it has so many good properties in it. ☺☺

Wishing you well soon

Peace, Luv n light 

Jan x


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