why my legs feel so weak when i walk ?

i feel weak everyday . especially my legs feel so weak when i walk . i think i anxiety disorder . i worry everyday about my health and feel sad . i loss my job and life style . it seem like i'm going to find the way out of situation . i worry and anxious about hiv . from sex exposure and other person blood splash during accident .

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  • Hi nonthejohn,i no how you feel but the more we feel self pity the worse we feel.Try to be a bit more positive treat everyday as a new day speak to your friends that would help to take your mind of it.not saying it works for every one just give it a go.best wishes my thoughts are with you

  • thank you . anyway are you doctor ?

  • Glad i could help.no im not a doc why do u ask?

  • I agree. I had a stroke in March and am grateful that I have regained most of my speech and can walk. The days when I'm so tired I have to rest, my legs feel weaker and ache. I try to exercise to strengthen then and to stay positive because I survived the stroke and am happy that I did. I don't love being on Warfarin and Plaquenil but if they keep me going, I can appreciate life even more.

  • Hi Loretta glad i could help you to.yes i suffer everyday but my wonderful dad used to say your a long time dead but such a short time here on earth.my dad loved life and enjoyed everyday so no matter what today or tomorrow brings we ave to find something to be glad about.best wishes & for all your todays & tomorrows

  • Thank you so much. It sounds strange, but since my stroke in March, I'm enjoying life every day more than ever. On my low energy days, I try to get things done around my apartment and when I feel good, I'm out and about. Happy wishes for you too.

  • Hi nonthejohn,

    Never thought my symptoms could be Hiv it just never occurred to me at all. You have really worried me now. So much so that I don't think I will be going to my GP any more! I will just plod on. :(

  • Have you been diagnosed with lupus. If not what has drawn you to this community in particular?

    A worry about HIV is not associated with lupus

  • I have not been diagnosed with lupus I just think it is most likely as I meet the criteria. My mother had it and while I know that doesn't mean I definitately have it, I am able to recognise a lot of it in me. I have been ill for the best part of 20 years and watching my mother go through the trials and tribulations of referral after referral to eventual diagnosis has put me off getting a diagnosis myself. On one emergency visit to A&E a doctor said I probably have some form of CTD but it was not followed up. I have been ill for so long now that unless I have a really bad flare up I don't bother seeing a GP. I have learnt to 'live' around it as best as I can. Funnily enough it has not been quite as bad the past 3 years and I do wonder if I may be going into remission as I have passed the 45 years old phase and hormones are decreasing.

  • Sorry I was actually referring to nonthejohn who has posted several times on the lupus forum but who actually seems to be worried about HIV.

  • I had screening for HIV and Hepatitis when I went to see the Immunologist regarding this possibly being CFS/ME. I've had them done before when I went for a working permit for Australia. But I never gave it a thought regarding how I was feeling with this. It really worried me as I have had a couple of needle stick injuries over the years at work. It was all fine but it can be a worrying. I'm pleased to say that it wasn't that. As I understand HEP B is much easier to get than HIV.

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