Very worried...a mole appeared on my face earlier this bigger,started itching. Called dermatologist. Seeing me Monday. Now just waiting all weekend for appointment. Itchy moles cancerous? Hope i didnt wait too long to have this looked at. Trying to stay calm. Anyone have a mole appear and it was cancerous? Treat it and ok now? I know we all have problems with our skin.

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  • I had one on my upper lip. It appeared when I was a teenager. Then about 12 years ago (I was 57) it became sore and started "weeping". I was referred to the hospital and the consultant booked me in to have it removed, he could see the problem. Had to go back to make sure it wasnt cancer and it wasnt, it was just infected

    Had no problems with it, he just sliced it off as it had no roots. Needed an anaesthetic to freeze it and once that was done I didnt feel a thing. All I have now is a very small white patch, so much better than a holey moley, I only wish I'd had it removed sooner. I'm sure you'll be fine xxx

  • Thanks Chris. This just appeared on my face this year. 2 of my brothers had skin cancer. Why i am concerned. In any case, i want it off since it seems to have gotten bigger over the year and itching. Thank you for positive vibes.

  • Praying for peace and rest good Natura while you wait for your appointment. Lots of love and gentle hugs xx 💐💐

  • Thank you Maureen...i am a worrier, but trying to remain calm awaiting my appt monday.

  • Of course you're worried, this is no joke, you poor thing! At least you're seeing someone on Monday, thank goodness. Ask to be checked thoroughly, get the dermatologist to check all body not only the face. And if you're told it isn't anything to worry about, get them to take a picture of it and keep it as a record, so you can monitor it every so often.

    Let us know how you get on, good luck.

  • Good idea purpletop...they were going to give me an appt at end of december, until i mentioned that it itched and just appeared this year. She changed appt to this monday. I just read that some moles that itch can be cancerous. Ugh!

  • I am keep putting of seeing about, mine as when I saw about others on my back years ago they just froze them off & then they have come back only bigger. Snce reading this I know that I must get an appointment with my GP to see about the 2 on my face as they itch & can feel prickly, the problem is getting an appointment.

  • Cal... I think they slice off the moles that are raised. I got the brown mark on my face frozen off, and it is still there. It lightened, but it is still there. Make an appt Monday. The article didnt say all that itch are cancerous, but why risk guessing. Please make an appt. I will post Monday what I find out from dermatologist. I think because we already have skin problems, we need to stay on top of these things. I let it go because I have lousy insurance and have to nearly pay out of pocket. But, I should have gone sooner. Sometimes I can be lazy.

  • Ok. Had mole removed today. Dermatologist didnt believe it was cancerous, but sent it in to lab to be tested. Will find out in a week or two. She gave me suggestions for suntan lotion that should have zinc oxide in it, and to wear a long sleeve cover at beach.

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