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After much debate I was diagnosed With Sjorgens, yet have alot of lupus symptoms, however I recently had a small itchy mole removed from my temple. My consultant and colleagues had never come across the result of the biopsy before; the inflamation on the mole was lupus related, they cannot tell me whether I shall now have more problems with this but I have been told to contact for removal if I think I have any more. Anyone else had this problem, I am told it is rare

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  • I have lupus and had a mole that became inflamed removed from under my armpit about 4 years ago. I have never had a problem with it since.

  • Hi I had a mole that was ext. itchy and became really inflamed from my back about the size of a 10p when i was 20 I am now 45 and never had another happen again. Hope this gives a little comfort.

  • Thankyou both, I made the mistake of looking on the Lupus website and some of the photos on there did not help. Consultant had never come across a lupus inflamation like that before so could not be very reassuring, I could not find anything really relevant to why Lupus would cause a inflamed mole to suddenly appear, still we never know where it will get us nexdt do we. Thanks again

  • Hello Dorrie

    This why we use terms like Lupus related or Lupus umbrella or Lupus family. Many of the symptoms are interchangeable for Sjorgrens and APS and Lupus. As the bio chemistry become more refined so the test can pick up this or that protein, and what would have been a sure diagnosis for lupus a decade ago, become refined into sjorgrens. On the other hand a decade ago, your doctor might have missed it entirely.

  • Thankyou

  • I had an inflamed mole removed about 11 years ago. The biopsy showed infection but nothing malignant, which is what they were concerned about. I've suffered from Raynauds most of my life until 2005 when SLE and Sjogrens were diagnosed as well. The Raynauds has improved massively since treatment. Now whether Lupus was the cause of the mole becoming swollen I've no idea but its an interesting thought....

  • Yes, apparantly rare and things have probably moved on in 11 years, thanks for your comment

  • Can anyone tell me what lupus In the summer is like. Diagnosed Nov 2011 I still can't get my head round the fact that I cannot sunbath anymore,it makes me sad.

  • Lets all pray for another crap summer! For me it is the really hot direct sun which sets me off. It begins as pantomime hayfever. ~sneezing, and runny nose, and itchy eyes, and shortness of breath etc. But I can control it with anti-histomines. This has only been a big problem for the last few years, but it has been getting progressively worse. I have been unwell for the past 20 years. So maybe you will not suffer too much. This does vary hugely from person to person. Good luck

  • Janet - I was diagnosed after being very ill with Acute Lupus! I am currently taking Cell Cept and steroids, as well as other med's. I am too frightened to go into the sun to be honest, but I ensure that I (when possible) do not out into the sun when it is at it's strongest between 11 and 3pm. I also cover up and were a hat when I do. I also now receive on prescription from my doctor a very high factor sun cream suitable for us Lupies. Hope this helps!

  • So far I have been very fortunate and had no problem with the sun. My main symptoms are flare ups in my joints, muscles and I catch cold easily, this nearly always results in chest infections. I recently had 3 lots of antibiotics over 2 months and ended up with thrush in my mouth. I am trying to fight the latest one with echinacea and Vit C. My consultant also told me to take Glucasamine and Chronotodin. I also take bromalin. I try not to take steroids and have been helped by visiting and taking advice from a Iridologist. I am also a Reiki Master and heal myself every day. the main thing I feel is to try and stay positive, not always easy I Know.

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