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News & Views Winter 2015 Edition - OUT NOW

News & Views Winter 2015 Edition - OUT NOW

The new edition of our News & Views magazine is being sent out to all LUPUS UK members this week, so if you're a member, it will be dropping through your letterbox soon. This is a very special edition of the magazine because this month marks the Silver (25th) Jubilee of LUPUS UK.

The new issue of News & Views includes;

• "LUPUS UK - A Personal Retrospective" (A special pull-out section about the history of the charity) by David Hopkins

• "Pregnancy and lupus" by Sophie Tosounidou and Prof. Caroline Gordon

• Updates from Eclipse (The Light Sensitivity Support Group)

• "Cardiovascular disease"

• "Treating Raynaud's Phenomenon"

• Jude's story about lupus and work

• Stories and photos from lots of our fundraisers

• The latest news from National Office

• Reports from our regional support groups

• Plus loads of other great articles

A big thank you goes to everyone that contributed their stories and photos for this issue. We always need high quality photos for consideration. If you have some photos that you’d like to possibly see in the next issue then please email them to

If you have any stories then you can write to ‘Dear News & Views’ (Unfortunately we can’t guarantee they will be published and we aren't in a position to reply to these letters).

If you aren't a member of LUPUS UK and would like to receive News & Views and all our other communications then you can join for just £10 a year.

If you’d like to join online just click here -!/Memb...

For more details about what membership offers, have a read here -

4 Replies

Paul, for some reason I received 2 copies. Would it help to return one?


Hi Wendy,

Unfortunately this has happened to some people because of an error at the mailing centre. If you haven't opened it you can write 'return to sender' on it and pop it in the post box and we will receive it at no cost. Otherwise, feel free to leave it at your GP practice or hospital waiting room at your next appointment so it doesn't go to waste.


Hi, I also received 2 copies. May I give one to my daughter as it appears my granddaughter may also have lupus?


Hi Linda96,

I apologise for the error. Yes, please feel free to pass it along to your daughter so that it goes to good use. If she needs anything else, please ask her to get in touch and we will do our best to help.


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