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Neck pain and numb thumb

Hi All

Just after a bit of knowledge from you all. I have been taking steroids for about 11 months now at 7mg/day. I take hydroxy at 400mg/day for about 5 month. Also taking 75mg aspirin/ day and 2 calcichew/day. Six weeks ago I started on methotrexate-now at 15mg/week and 5mg folic acid. The bit I can't understand is I have recently developed pain at the front base of my neck on RHS sort of behind my collar bone that doesn't fade across the day. In addition I have a numb right thumb. Any ideas? What can I do to help? I have done pilates for years but today I couldn't manage the pain. Not due back at the rheumy till December.

Thanks in advance. xx

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Hi Claire12, you are exactly where I was in Feb 2014. On all the same drugs. I however couldn't tolerate the methotrexate - I slowed right down to the point of not being able to walk any inclines or stairs. After my flare, I gradually started feeling stronger due to the needs but desperate to feel a little less tired, chronic fatigue in all my muscles drove me insane. I have severe raynauds so numb fingers all the time, that has never got better plus the fact that my fingers are badly swollen anyway. I was told to go gluten, dairy and sugar free as they are all inflammatory. Have a read of this......this is why I changed my diet, it's a long journey but is helping me a little (only started it a few months ago and I can already feel my energy increasing hugely). Good luck! Hugs xx

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Thanks for your reply. Will start reading. Cheers.xx


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