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advice please

hi not posted for long while.

after a long battle actually have apt with rhem doc November 3rd.

just picked print out of bloods to take with me.

receptionist said all normal? urine sample fine.. despite still got pain in

low back and side and painful when passing. body thermostat all out of sync red hot one min freezing next. so tired. bruises popping out on legs occasionally.

was told got fibromyalgia years ago and osteo also have hypothyroidism. take 100mcg levothyroxine. got hiatus hernia.

staring at loads of results here -tsh 0.439 (0.35-4.94) free t3 4.5(2.60-5.70) free t4 14.7(9.00-19.00)

esr.6mm....serum c 2mg.....b12 402pg....serum folate 3.9(3.10-20.50) and loads more results if any one can advise i would be very grateful.

just feel something not right but every time they say all normal.

just hope specialist listens

thank you so much

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Hi Fudge,

Don't worry about the blood tests. It isn't unusual for them to comeback normal. Blood test in Lupus & other rhematic autoimmune diseases are fickle & there is no blood test that can exclude sle etc.

Instead focus on the symptoms. Write a list of them so you don't forget when you see Rhemy. Include at the end any odd things that have been going on such as odd skin rashes especially if they come & go.

Good luck & let us know how it goes.



Thank you Sarah.

Will let you know how it goes .

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Have they tested for the anti nuclear anti bodies. Took a gp to diagnose me after 5 years. Had very high result in 2005 and no one picked it up.

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