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Biopsy inguinal glands

Hi all,

I went for an ultrasound scan to Manchester Royal Infirmary last Thursday on my groin area. For five years now on and off (yes, five years I kid you not) I have been having pain in my groin and on a number of occasions feel swellings like small lumps. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I have a limp as I cannot fully weight bear on it. This will all my other pains and joint problems has always gone on the back burner.

However, the doctor suggested we now ultrasound scan the area as I have had very high LDH of late and ALT. I was phoned on Tuesday( by the doctor who ordered it) and it was put to me that I need to attend for a biopsy as although there are a few raised nodes, this coupled with my bloods need checking out as they are indicative of something going on.

Also, finally I have a date for a lip biopsy (testing for Sjogren's) after waiting 7 months which will take place in November. I have been told however that the lip biopsy is often negative and yet a person may still have connective tissue disease?

Additionally, I saw the orthopaedic consultant at a different hospital on Monday who wants to do an MRI on my neck as the CT scan I had in April shows degenerative discs and nerve root involvement.

Oh boy, I am certainly keeping the NHS on their toes aren't I?

Has anyone else had these biopsies and how did they go (recovery wise - I am a teacher) and where they conclusive or did they help towards a firm diagnosis?

Thanks in advance


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