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Hi everyone, haven't posted on here very much but when I have I've had some really good help and advice so...I thought I would ask another question. Does anyone know if its OK to take Vitamin capsules that are based in soya bean oil as I have bought some and now see this is on of the ingredients and I know that as someone who has hashimotos I should avoid soya, but would it really matter in that small amount? Does anyone know about this please?? Thanks!!


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8 Replies

  • Hi, I have thyroid problems and use soya products all the time, even use soya milk on cereal because I'm vegetarian therefore need the soybean protein.I can't say that it's made any difference to my thyroid, but if you are worried ask ur doc.. All the best elfie

  • Hi Elfie 1 Thank you for your reply. My doctor isn't very helpful on this sort of thing, and if I went purely to ask her that she would probably say it was 'beyond her remit', which she has said to me before, I think I will just take them and see what happens, I've searched for the levels that i want but cant find any that aren't in this oil, and i cant take multi vitamins or solid form tablets as they make me really irritable for some reason. Something else you would think i could ask the doctor, but after that comment i really don't want to go to the doctors again!! I had a really lovely doctor before this one who has recently retired in her late fifties and i really wish she was still there I could talk to her about anything. All the best.

  • You know what i think,life is too short to deal with miserable unhelpful doctors .You can change your doc. without any fuss.. good luck elfie

  • Hi Elfie1, same here, stomach problems really eased since cutting out Lactose from diet. Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, but I'm sure you will find them here. Babs x

  • good question!

    soya products disagree with me and always have. i simply cannot digest them. but my entire GI system has been severely affected by sle & sjogrens mostly going without systemic treatment for decades. even now i've been in systemic treatment for 4 years, and doing much better generally than i have since my 20s (am 62), i still don't tolerate soya. i have read in expert books on lupus that soya is often poorly tolerated by lupus patients.

  • Hi Barnclown thanks so much for replying. Yes I think Soya can be difficult for lots of people. Im glad to hear you are doing OK though.

  • Hello Maggie, can I ask, for what reason are you taking multi vitamins?

  • Hi John FM thanks for replying. Im taking certain vitamins at the moment as I am having problems with my nails and have been told to take biotin by a dermatologist and also I have been trying to find a vit e to take as it is supposed to be good for skin etc.

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