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Possible fluid retention

Hi, I'm 18 and have had lupus overlapped with dermatomyositis for 6 years. My usual symptoms are joint and muscle pain, fatigue, and nausea and I am currently taking plaquenil, azathioprine, omeprazole and cyclizine. More recently I've been suffering with what I think is fluid retention - after drinking my stomach gets very swollen and I often find it difficult to urinate until hours after, which can be very uncomfortable. It seems to flare up at times and about a month ago there was a couple of weeks where I was only urinating once or twice a day. Despite finding nothing in my urine sample I was given two sets of antibiotics for a water infection. I don't have swelling in my ankles which I know is a common symptom of water retention, hence why I am skeptical that this is what I am experiencing! Any advice would be appreciated

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I had symptoms like yours where swelling was only in my abdomen and I was finding urinating difficult. Medication wise I am on Hydroxychloroquine, Pregabalin and Amitriptyline. Diagnosis is connective tissue disease but my rheumatologist strongly believe I have seronegative lupus.

I was getting nowhere with my GP with regards to the swelling so decided to try and help things myself by drinking herbal tea with diuretic properties. Dandelion, Green and one M&S sells called Detox. The results are amazing! I no longer have swelling and can fit back into my Jeans! Also lost more than a stone in weight which could only have been caused by fluid as I wasn't dieting. It may be worth trying and the tea doesn't taste as bad as it sounds. In fact it is quite nice! I have only found Dandelion in Holland and Barret. Green tea comes on its own or flavoured with mint, lemon, lime. There may be other flavours it comes with but I haven't seen them. My favourite is the lime! Hope this helps.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I have been drinking green tea since I was quite young and probably drink about 5 cups a day. In the past couple of years I've also started to drink other herbal teas too, so I definitely think it would be worse if I didn't drink them on a daily basis. I will look into that M&S detox tea though thank you!


Hi Educk

Have u been checked for Kidney Failure. They tend to retain fluids too and ur lungs. Worthy checked



Hi, thanks for your reply. I regularly have blood tests which check for kidney function and there has never been a sign of a problem. I've had a couple of water infections but apart from that nothing has ever been found in urine samples either. I've been drinking a lot of water and the problem seems to have improved :)


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