Possible autoimmune progesterone dermatitis

Good morning, new to this forum. I have been having some medical issues which have brought me to doing a lot of personal research on the internet. I have seen several DR's and specialist over the past year. I believe I may have autoimmune progesterone dermatitis but have yet to have this confirmed. New allergist thinks lupus, but I'm not convinced. I am looking forward to reading your posts.

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  • Hi What are your symptoms? rashes etc?can you post some pics and describe your overall symptoms

  • Symptoms: hives, fatigue, pain. These are the main symptoms I have smaller one's, headache, brain fog..... I do have hypothyroidism and was just checked for ana which came back positive 1:320 speckled. I am trying to figure out how to put pictures on here.

  • Thanks that is interesting I have same symptoms and I am taking a natural progesterone cream and wondered if I was doing more harm than good with it .My rashes can be pretty spectacular at times. ;)

  • Test came back positive

  • Sorry to hear that :(

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