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Lupus, immunosuppressed and catching lots of viruses

I've had a bit of a tough time since January. I've often caught the odd extra cold than my friends but this year had been ridiculous. I started with a chest infection in January for which I had 2 weeks off work. Since then I have just had cold/flu virus one after another. I'm now left with a constant sore throat, tired and shivery thing that no matter what I can't shift....

Can over suppression be a cause?

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Yes, as I understand it, over suppression can be a cause of the sort of thing you're describing

but, equally, you may be like me: thanks to rheumatology referring me to immunology for profiling, we now know my complex recurring infections are more due to immunodeficiencies that pre-existed my lupus treatment with immunosuppressive prescription meds. Whatever, I'm continuing on myco

+ hydroxy + pred tapers etc etc

Remember: you can be infected originally by virus, and that then can segue into a secondary bacterial or fungal infection

And also, infection is widely acknowledged as something lupus patients are generally more prone to...yes, our immunosupprive meds play a role in this, but exhausted white blood cell components do too. My understanding is that these exhausted WBC components are the result of lupus autoinflammation (not the result of our immunosuppression meds). But, hey: I'm no expert!

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I've been the same end of last and this year, since I started IVF and got pregnant being on immune suppressants. Docs says it's part and parcel. Since Dec I've had three bad chest infections taking nearly 6 weeks or more to clear with the cough lasting longer. It was a chest infection that also brought on my labour!


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