Methotrexate injections

Hi I have been injecting methotrexate every week for several years today went to collect my prescription only to be told that injections are no longer available. Pharmacist told me that the drugs company are no longer making the pre filled injections. I haven't been told anything either from GO or Consultant. I was at my Rheumy day unit on Monday but no one mentioned this. Does anyone have any info on this. TIA

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  • Omg I hope not I got mine a week ago and no one said anything

  • I know diane46. I was shocked. Pharmacist said she had been trying to get in touch with GP without success. She said they probably don't know about the withdrawal of pre filled syringes. Where does that leave us? My next injection is due Sunday and my GP practise is closed until Monday. (They only open Mon-Wed am.)

  • O god I suppose it tablet but they make me feel so sick I am gona get in touch with my gp

  • I had to come off tablets, they were not being absorbed into my system. No idea what will happen now.

  • Methotrexate was changed some time ago from pre filled syringes to a complicated form of pre filled syringes which are quite easy to use, I have not had any issues.I think they may be telling you that the type of syringe is to be changed but not the medication, same same.

  • Thank you vitalspark. That makes me feel much better, but why aren't we kept informed of these changes. I am due to see GP and my rheumy team for my toxillimab infusion. Will have good chat to them and get the low down on these changes.

  • Vitalspark are you referring to the Metoject prefilled thing? This is what I have been using since last year when I got moved from tablets as they made me really sick. The hospital said these replaced regular syringes and I get them delivered every 8 weeks - the hospital set it up, so it doesn't come via GP - though they obviously have it all on record. The company also organise collection/replacement of the sharps bin too. Very convenient

  • I know this is slightly off topic but I have been experiencing vomiting and gagging when I take my tablets. I i have vomited a few times after taking them, I really struggle to swallow them and choke on them, do you think this would grounds for injection form? I also feel incredibly sick afterwards for about 3 hours! Iam not sure how much longer I can go on like this. TIA

  • mcjm talk to your rheumy, it's their call. If you're vomiting then you're not getting the prescribed dose of the meds, so they might be willing to change. Do you have a rheum nurse or can you leave a message for your rheumy? Explain how often this happens, and if you've missed any doses completely too. Good luck, let us know if you get injections instead x

  • Hi Tashi. Yes it's the metoject pre filled. My GP works with my Consultant on a 'shared care' basis so GP prescribes the metoject monthly. Before this I Used to get it from hospital pharmacy. It's the metoject pre filled syringes that are not being supplied any longer.

    Vitalspark pharmacist said I will still have methotrexate at the same dosage but she does not know yet how it will,be administered.

    Hoping to get thru to my rheumy team for advice,tomorrow.

  • Oh! I'm interested to see what your rheumy team say. The company that supply my injections (8 in a delivery) are delivering week after next and did not say there was any change - maybe they have large stock!!

  • Hi Tashi. Update on the methotrexate saga. Pharmacist was unable to supply the metoject pre-filled syringes as Makers no longer supplying them. Saw my Rheumy team today and was given Metoject PEN. Exactly same dosage but administered with a 'pen' similar to diabetic pen. It's easier than the Metoject syringes. It is a relief to know we can still have our methotrexate.

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