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I feel so ill today - is this normal?

Sorry guys, just need to sound off this morning - I have been up most of the night feeling really hot and sore around the shoulder blade area. For the last few day my knee has been really sore as well and I think that this iscoming from my hips. Saw my consultant last week and was finally diagnosed with mild lupus ( would have to have it bad!!), fibromyalgia, joint hypermobility and reynaulds. She passed comment on how loose the joints were and I urgently need to see a physio. The pain from my knees is now going up the back of my leg at the top and down the front of my leg at the bottom. I am also aware that I am stamping my foot down, but can't seem to stop.

I now feel so weak this morning and have managed to get into work, but will just have to pace myself and I am just trying to get through till Friday when I finish for the week.

Any suggestions over the pain in my leg would be appreciated.

Sorry for the early morning rant!


Julie xx

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Hi Julie. Sorry to hear your news. I get pain in what I call my seat- from back waistband of trousers round my bum to back of mid thigh. I have been diagnosed with a lupus like condition. I find that getting someone to use a rolling pin or water bottle down the back of my thighs really help.

I also get dead legs from the knee down so totally understand the whole slapping your feet down as I do this all the time. Haven't found the answer or even the cause yet but ill let you know if I do.

Take care x


I find lying in bed with electric blanket turned on full helps with the pain - you must try and rest, take care :)


thanks for your posts. I have also had a good cry and sitting with my leg propped up. Only worryinh thing I am findinh it harder and harder to walk around.


Then your body is telling you to sit the hell down and rest :-) x


Hi, whilst going to Greece on holiday last year I got talking to a lady in a wheelchair and she said she had ehlers danlos syndrome, she said it took a while for doctors to diagnose her as kept telling her her aches and pains were psychological even though she had joint hypermiobility which is a classic sign. I would definately google the symptoms and see what you think and then mention it to your consultant. Keep us updated as to how your doing and any diagnosis. Good luck and take care x x


Thanks for your replies - I slept so well last night, feel like a different person this morning. I will enjoy it whilst it lasts. Forgot to mention that the hospital also want me to see a podiatrist as well as havingh physio and supposed to be having ultrasound on my joints at my next appointment in June.


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