Tightening of scars, uctd? What the heck?

I keep thinking I got a handle on what I'm doing here but I realise I've stuck my head in the sand about how sick I am. I aint as tough as I used to be

I have been diagnosed w uctd this may ...

But I have weird stuff happening so much m sure they will evolve dx later. I don't care about label. I want pain gone

I vebeen bit by a pit bull on the leg before and I had to be forced to go to hospital. I can handle alot of pain... That was painful though 😏

However, in 2002 I had severe burns on my forearms that scarred.. I've gotten used to the pain, discomfort. Stares. But one side is starting to tighten weirdly and contract muscles and tendfons in arm and hands which hurts the fibro and is indescribable. I've let it go I guess, but I only noticed it the last month or so ... How bad I mean.

Two years ago the skin split and opened and wounds wouldn't heal... Is that due to a lupus flare you think? I mean the not healing. The split came from tig ht skin.

Course I didn't know I had lupus or whatever then. They gave me tons of antibiotics for a year and I got REALLY sick. Lay on the couch cry sick.

Now my gut hurts so bad, cramps, brain fog pain so bad I can barely be touched on the diaphragm, can't leave the house for fear of accidents you know...that sort of thing my esophagus feels like some has punched me. M old nexium prescription can't keep up. I just read about candida, I suspect that..

Now I'm lined up for neuro, internist, and hand doctor but still no pain management lol... Still waiting for that guy to approve me ( as I may not be sick enough. Wth?)

Any suggestions on the arm.. Is it lupus? Scleroderma?

How can I get some topical relief til I get the Dr ?

And anyone have candida? Or gut problem?


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